Thursday, April 8, 2010

Eagle Electric motorbikes- Philippines

The new 1500 watt Eagle motorbikes arrived in Puerto Princesa and Manila shops night before last. These are stronger than the 1000 watt units that Green Tech EcoCenter staff have been driving for 3 years now.

Dave first bought several Eagle Ebikes for himself to test when we lived in Subic Freeport. We have been hooked on them since. Dave, being the EV enthusiasts and user, realized the need to also service the units and has made sure that no matter where you buy one, you won't be left with no one to turn to if you need a new part or service. I went around to traditional gas motorcycles shops today and it seems these E bikes are cheaper than some 125cc models.

Dave Dewbre in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines. Showing an expat how easy it is to ride the electric otor bikes. Having been around them and seeing them used by staff, it seems they are pretty maintenance free. Not having to fill up with gas is a real joy. The quiet, noiseless and zero smoke ride makes it a real pleasure to be on.

It's not as fun in PPC to drive them as it was in the Subic Freeport housing area.  But for practical purposes like sending the staff on errands,they are still reliable and cheaper to operate than the gas versions. Hopefully someday, PPC will go all electric and dispense with the gas belching, noisy traditional gas motorcycles and tricycles.

Dave used to take Alysha for rides in a kangaroo type baby harness since she could hold her head up by herself. You can see how happy she is!

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