Saturday, August 30, 2008

Suzuki Hayate 125 Racing style

Suzuki Hayate 125 racing style modifies.

Sons of Anarchy - New Motorcycle TV Show on FX

Check out The Sons of Anarchy on the FX TV channel this Wednesday, September 3, 2008 at 10 pm ET. This is an original series centered around both a family that rides motorcycles and the motorcycle club family of which they are a part.

I had heard of the new HBO series, 1%, but it's going to come out much later than this one on FX. There was controversy about 1% because Sonny Barger, founder of the Hells Angels, had brought a lawsuit against HBO. The folks involved with Sons of Anarchy do not seem worried about any legal action by anyone.

Here are a couple of links to stories about this drama that some are referring to as "Easy Rider Meets the Sopranos."

The show also has its own fancy website:

I'm sure there will be mixed reviews on this new show. It will be portraying the lives of motorcycle riders who come from a small segment of motorcyclists. It will be dramatic and might result in non-motorcyclists tending to paint you with the same brush that the creators of Sons of Anarchy used to define its players.

This new series may not be as great as The Sopranos -- which took early barbs for misrepresenting the Italian population -- but give it a chance. It could be like most of the big screen motorcycle club movies of the past with emphasis on violence and mayhem. Then again, with the extra time accorded by episodic TV, it may allow character development so we can begin to know the people involved in the story.

I know I'll be watching. Expect a review after I've seen the pilot and one episode.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Staying calm in a time of crisis.

Lucky, from The Great Motorcycle Pizza Tour recently posted about the trials and challenges we as bikers go through in certain situations. He said, " Things work out. I've had some bad experiences (who hasn't?), but they always turn around. Maybe I'm unusually lucky - it's not just my nickname, after all."

This reminded me of the many times I've had those kind of experiences of my own.

Here is just one example of staying calm during a crises.

One day while riding my Harley, my aftermarket Kuryaken forward controls shifter peg set up separated at the front ball joint where the shifter peg meets the shift rod lever and moments later, I ran out of gas. I was stranded, alone , and felt like panicking. The stress was killing me. But instead of panicking, I calmly assessed the situation. I looked at the separated ball joint. I'm not sure if it was defective, or if it just rattled apart or what. It was now like a dislocated socket. I was able to manage to put the two pieces back together, but I could not get the separated pieces to stay together. The ball joint needed a mechanical press or something like that to get the two pieces securely and permantly put back together. Of course I had nothing like this with me on the roadside, so I combed the ditches to see what I could find to temporarily fasten the two pieces together. I found an empty paper cup and straw that someone had discarded. I took the straw and used it as a tie to hold the shifter assembly together, and was so calmed down and relieved after that, I realized all I had to do now was hit the reserve and I should be on my way. Too bad I was unaware that my battery had also died. I was realizing that this was a comedy of errors. Before I left for this ride, I knew that my battery was dying. But I took the bike out for a ride to see if I could charge it up. I never anticipated that I would have a mechanical failure, and run out of gas, causing me to have to re-start the bike along the roadside. I was however, lucky enough that I had my cell phone with me. (I never ride without my cell phone.) So, I called my wife and asked her to bring jumper cables. She said she would be there as soon as she could. Now that I knew my wife was coming to my rescue, I was calm once again. I also knew that I have a bike trailer at home, and should the battery not jump start, I could rely on that as a last resort. I wasn't about to ask Mrs. M. to unload all the stuff out of the trailer, pull the heavy trailer out of the shed, hook it up and then drive it to me, only to find out after arriving that I could jumpstart the bike & ride it home. That might piss her off and may be way more work than necessary. It was a gamble either way, but I said just the cables were fine . I could always come back with the trailer if needed. I was just thankfull she was willing to bring me cables, and a ride home if I needed it. All that was left to do was wait for her. The Mrs. finally arrived, the jumper cables were hooked up to her SUV and my bike, and I was able to jump start life back into the motor.

Alas, I was finally back on the road with my wife following me home to make sure this comedy of errors did not go any more wrong than it already had.

In the safety and calmness of my own shop garage, including the right tools, repairs were made. The ball joint coming apart must have been a fluke, or not properly pressed from the factory or something, because it is still holding just fine today. A new battery was purchased, gas put in the tank, and the bike was back on the road.
Calmness, ingenuity & perseverance prevailed. (And yeah, the cell phone and wife as back up are always a good thing.)

Mrs. M.,
I know you're reading this, so thanks for saving that day for me!

Buell Recalls 2007-2008 Blast for Fuel Leak Defect

Buell has issued a recall of certain 2007-2008 Blast motorcycles.

The fuel tank may experience some local deformation under high-heat conditions that creates contact of the tank with the cylinder head. In some of these cases, the cylinder head rubbing on the fuel tank has created a fuel leak. This could result in a crash or fire, which could cause injury or death to the rider.

1307 units are affected.

Check out my Motorcycle Recalls feature for more details.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Motion Pro Recalls Aftermarket Brake Levers for Suzuki Motorcycles

I usually only publish motorcycle recalls specific to the manufacturer but I'm making an exception in this aftermarket case involving Motion Pro and Suzuki.

Motion Pro, Inc. is recalling 10,000 aftermarket brake levers, model no. 14-0415, sold for use on certain 1999-2008 Suzuki motorcycles.

The lobe height on some of these levers are smaller and do not properly engage the stomp lamp switch which will not deactivate when the drive releases the brake lever. If this occurs, the stop lamp will remain on which could possibly result in a crash.

10,000 Suzuki motorcycles are affected.

Check out my Motorcycle Recalls feature for more details.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

On our way to the Harley-Davidson 105th rally

We're headed to Milwaukee tomorrow morning for the Harley-Davidson 105th rally. You can find our booth across from the Summerfest grounds (where all the music/performances will be) in the Italian Community Center lot. See you there!

Honda iCon Modifies

Honda iCon Modifies by Thailand Shop Modding

Wear a Motorcycle

What a concept! Just walk up to your motorcycle, strap it on, and move off at up to 75 mph.

One future-looking college student, Jake Loniak, has come up with a design concept and even has a realistic animation of how it might work.

Read the complete story by Annemarie Conte and Esther Haynes, view the animation, and glimpse into the future.

How prepaired for a burglary, or house fire are you?

This is clearly not directly related to motorcycling.

I recently ran across a post on Unbreakable bonds , where someone’s home was burglarized. It made me think about sharing some good advice to all my friends/readers out there in internet land.

I am an insurance adjuster, and I have a lot of claims that I handle for losses of this nature. In cases of a burglary or a house fire, you run the potential to loose a lot of personal property at once. Remembering what was stolen, or in case of a fire loss, what was burned can sometimes be difficult, especially if the list is long, let alone try to remember how much you paid for it, how old it was, where you purchased it, and trying to prove you actually owned it. My best advice to folks is to take an hour or so, get a camcorder, and do a video diary of each and every little thing that you would claim in case of a major loss. I mean everything! I know this will sound silly, but even include all of the little things like your underwear. You don't need each and every piece, but a general shot inside each drawer, etc. It gives you and the insurance adjuster a good idea of what you had, and also helps to discredit that you might be exaggerating your loss. Be sure to take close ups of model #'s on electronics, etc. This will help when looking for a comparable replacement.

Furthermore, watching the video after a loss while filling out a personal property loss worksheet with your adjuster, will help jog your memory and help you realize what might be missing that you would maybe not realize until much later when you go to look for it and use it. Many times these types of things get brought up long after the claim is settled because people forgot they had it until they went to use it and it was gone. You can’t possibly remember everything. As best as possible, getting all or most of your items listed right away without forgetting anything is important, because insurance claims do have statutes of limitations for coverage. Sometimes claims are limited to one year from the date of the loss for replacement cost coverage to apply, and two years for coverage to apply at all. Such is the case for the state that I'm in, and for the company that I work for.

Once you have the recording done and burned onto a CD, give the disk to your insurance agent to put in your file for safekeeping, or put it in a safety deposit box, or better yet, make an extra copy and do both. Saving receipts and owner's manuals is also a great idea.

Finally, remember to do an update disc about once a year. You don’t have to do the whole thing over, just video newly purchased items. Also, if you know you no longer own something previously recorded, make a verbal or written note for your file. This is also good for putting credit to your honesty in settling your claim.

I know this may sound like a headache, but believe me, if you ever have one of these losses, you'll be thankful you put the time in on this.

I know I spoke plenty of insurance jargon, and if you don’t understand something, please feel free to ask. You can ask me through comments, or my e-mail address is Though I admit I don’t have all the answers, I’m happy to solicit any advice I can for free on what I do know.

Mr. Motorcycle

Monday, August 25, 2008

DeluxeCAM reviewed in Thunder Press magazine

The August issue of Thunder Press says: "An Ultra-Secure feature ensures the camera’s safety against being dislodged while allowing total flexibility and pivoting to capture every possible angle while shooting. The chrome-plated mounting is easy to install, requiring no specialized tools." Read the full review here.

Motor Klasik Honda Modificaion

Motor klasik adalah motor yang sampai saat ini masih di minati oleh banyak orang. Baik dari yang tua dan sekarang pun anak remaja dan pemuda pun tidak mau kalah dengan orang tua.mereka berlomba - lomba untuk mengkoleksi motor yang umurnya sudah tua ini.

ada banyak sekali motor klasik di negara kita ini. yang ini merupakan motor pertama yang dipakai oleh masyarakat indonesia jaman dulu.

Sejarah Motor Honda ; bisa kita lihat di gambar

Variety is the spice of life.

WTF kind of bike is this????

They say variety is the spice of life. Well I guess not all of us can be content with just owning a bike for fun.

One of my friends, Scott Storms , owner/operator of Stormy Custom Bike Works actually owns this miniature Submarine, and it actually works. How cool is that!

I was at the shop a few days ago talking about what we were going to do with my license plate set up, and just had to take a few pictures, seing as it was at the shop. I had heard him talk about it several times before, but was amazed at how cool this thing really was once I got to see it with my own eyes.

He is having talks with the MN DNR, last I heard and it sounded like they were going to rent use of it once in a while.

I tried to talk him into painting it yellow. He wouldn't bite! LOL!

Friday, August 22, 2008

DeluxeCAM gets a mention in IronWorks Magazine

The DeluxeCAM motorcycle camera mount was elected a "Budget Boosting Bolt-on" in the Sep/Oct issue of IronWorks Magazine (page 30). For details about the camera mount, click here.

Jupiter MX Modification 08

The modification
Yamaha Jupiter MX was one of the types of the sport duck that was present at Indonesia. The style that sporty and the machine 135 cc that used the water cooler (the radiator) but also the clutch made one of the types of the duck motor that most the behaviour at this time.

The style that sporty still could be changed or modified in order to appear more sporty I took several photographs from several website about the Jupiter Mx modification With the increase in the wings on the side and low the machine made jupiter mx more sporty at first was installed light jupiter z to the front and without light foward . maybe still many others the modification of the motor jupiter mx this because of his form that sporty

DOT Vs. Snell approved helmets

What is the difference between Snell and DOT approved helmets?

This is really interesting. I thought you should know.

First off, for this post anyway (SMF) will refer to the Snell Memorial Foundation, NOT Stupid Mother F*cker. LOL!

There are two key differences between a DOT and Snell approved helmet.
First, is the testing standards the helmets go through, and second, is the verification of the results.

The Snell Memorial Foundation (SMF) was founded in 1957 just after William Snell, A.K.A. Pete, died from massive head trauma from a race car accident. (SMF) is a non-profit organization that focuses on learning more about the components of head injuries, & how to prevent them by using helmets. Through their research (SMF) has developed the Snell standard for approving helmets. It is continually tested and updated every five years.

Although both testing processes are very similar, (SMF) requires their certified helmets to withstand a greater impact and absorb more force than the DOT approved helmets.
Both (SMF) and DOT standards drop the head forms on flat and round shaped anvils in order to simulate different types of impacts. However, Snell also uses an edged anvil that specifically tests the integrity of the helmet's shell.

DOT and Snell test each helmet two times at four different impact zones. DOT drops their helmets from 6 feet on the flat anvil and from a 4.5 feet on the round anvil. Snell drops the helmets from 10 feet and 7.5 feet on both anvils, which simulates a more severe impact.

While there is no guarantee that a DOT approved helmet has actually been tested, the purchase of a Snell approved helmet ensures that the product has been evaluated under scrutiny. A Snell-certified helmet also meets and exceeds the DOT standards.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Malaysia the manufacturer of the car proton

mV Agusta Motor Itali
Malaysia the manufacturer of the car proton

Malaysia the manufacturer's Proton car has released the ambitious plan but be aged short to develop into the motorcycle company, by the just sale in mV Agusta Motor Itali.erusahaan says now has done business attention totalling 57,57 percent him in the European company to GEVI Spa Italy to symbolic 1 euro, but the buyer would mengasumsikan 107 million euro ($174 million) in the debt.Rationalisation realised as the Proton struggle that was connected by the country again deal with began the competition and some markets fell in the house. Also tried to seal the transaction to sell just strategic assets to Volkswagen, the manufacturer of the European car.

They must evacuate the company that was dropping them off. , Proton stressed the news in Italy about the sale possibly. MV Agusta, that under the protection of the bankruptcy, made the bicycle under Agusta, Cagiva and the Husqvarna kind.

mv agusta f4RR 312

The proton splashed out 70 million euro to buy Augusta in in December last year in a move that took it beyond its played car-making business and surprised analysts. Augusta boots has gone ounce losing money, contributing to Proton apostr s own flow of red ink. Last month, Proton reported a quarterly the net loss of 154,3 million ringgit ($56 million), weighed down in part by provisions of 160,7 million ringgit to pay off Augusta apostr s debts. The proton has been under increasing pressure at home, with its share of domestic sales falling to 44 per cent from 75 per cent over the past decade.

Motorcycle Helmets and helmet laws

I've been looking around for a while now for just the right motorcycle helmet. I want the "look" as well as comfort, and function. There are a million styles. Let the journey begin.

Yeah you heard me, I'm giving in and buying a brain bucket.

On my internet quest, I stumbled upon this great site that has a detailed map and breakdown of helmet laws, and provision's per state. (U.S. Only). Sorry if you are one of my non U.S. visitors.

For those who tour regularily, or not so regular, it may be something you want to check out. I thought this was too good not to pass on.

Check out the helmet law page link that I found.
This is a good one to add to your favorites, unless of course you always wear a helmet anyway.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Honda CBR 125i

New Honda CBR 125i thailand factory

Motorcycle Pictures - Our Readers and Their Motorcycles

I think everyone likes to show off their motorcycle to others. That's why I started a motorcycle picture gallery nine years ago on the old site and continued it here on Motorcycle Views.

When I started my motorcycle pictures galleries, I didn't realize that it would be desirable to break down the pictures into sub-galleries. One of the first sub-galleries was Women on Motorcycles. That was a widely successful picture gallery since it allowed other women who were thinking about learning to ride, an opportunity to see other women motorcycle riders and their motorcycles and read descriptions of the motorcycles firsthand from the women riders. In essence, we were motivating women to learn how to ride a motorcycle.

All the pictures on the site come from visitors. I have a submission link to get the motorcycle pictures and motorcycle descriptions to me.

Here are all the motorcycle pictures galleries on this site. Click on the links to go to the gallery. If you want your bike in one of these galleries, send me a picture and description:

Motorcycle Pictures of the Week

Women on Motorcycles

Men on Motorcycles

Motor Scooter Pictures

Chopper Pictures

Trike Pictures

Old Motorcycle Pictures

21 Years of Honda Shadow Pictures

29 Years of Honda Gold Wing Pictures

47 Years of Sportster Pictures

58 Years of Indian Motorcycle Pictures

81 Years of BMW Motorcycle Pictures

100 Years of Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Pictures

All Motorcycle Pictures

All Motorcycle Pictures by Year, Make, and Model

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Making lots of Money with Ads on a blog, Can it be done?

In general, I think those days are long gone due to the amount of people now blogging and advertising. It sounds ironic, because the mass amount of people blogging is a huge viewer ship for our eyes to see advertisements. Almost everyone I know who blogs has a Google Ad Sense, Amazon, or both on their site's side bars. It's Advertisement flooding. Most people who read blogs, have blogs, and have ads of their own, so they don't click on the Ads on other peoples blogs. As much as I read blogs, I've never clicked on a google Ad once, let alone purchased anything from one of their ads. No Amazon either. If I want something from Amazon, I know their website, and I know how to search for what it is I want specifically. Maybe I'm just not all that into Ads. I take it back. When I first got my blog going, I clicked on Google Ad Sense, and Amazon, to get their gizmos on my site. By the advise of some people I’ve read posts on to boost your rank, and traffic, the less cluttered your site is with nonsense ads, the more likely people will come back to visit your site. So, I've since removed them. I might put them back on someday. My traffic has increased substantially. The more I blog, the more content is out there to hit on through Google searches, etc. I don’t really think it has anything to do with having or not having Ads. on your site. Plus if I have more traffic from not having Ads., what difference does more traffic make?
I must admit, I do check my stats from time to time just out of curiosity, but the longer I blog, the more traffic I get, & the less I seem to be caring about stats, and trying to make money blogging.

Quite honestly the only thing I've ever purchased through a blog is a really cool Sturgis T-shirt that I got from The Beach Cruiser. Had it been on a Google Ad Sense Ad, or Amazon Ad in the side bar of their blog, I would have never looked at it, let alone purchased the shirt. I saw it through their Sturgis Store because it was a post, not a side bar advertisement. Side bar advertisements seem a little over rated to me. I could be wrong, but have chatted with some pretty big players in the blogging world, and they seem to sometimes have trouble making any dough doing this as well. Let me know if I'm wrong here. Hell, I'd love to be wrong on this one. I'd love for someone to tell me how I can make all this money blogging without it becomming my new full time job. Just some side mulah would be nice.

For now, I’m going to continue blogging for free and as a hobby. I make nothing doing this, but its fun, & entertaining.
I hope you all enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy reading yours. Because of blogging, I get to talk with some of the greatest people on this planet (for free).

Are any of you making any money???? If so, I’d love to hear about it.

Disclaimer…..If anyone wants to give me money, I’ll gladly take it!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Modification Honda Vario

The motor-scooter With Fitur the most Complete Automatic Transmission

PT Astra Honda Motor introduced the product terbaru him New Honda Vario, one of AT (Automatic Transmission) the motor-scooter with fitur-fitur just that was most complete in Indonesia. Honda Vario was present with a superiority take the form of built-in liquid-cooled engine (the radiator that joined with the machine), apart from design that was stylish and impressive sporty to fill the consumer's Indonesian wish. New Honda Vario this will begin to be sold in the market through all the network of the Honda motorcycle in Indonesia at the beginning of September.

The main concept in this New Honda Vario development was the combination between comfort and the happiness in travelling, that aimed at creating a motor-scooter impression that "Absolute Matic" by giving an added value for the consumer.

Created for style appetite of the younger generation that gave priority to the identity, of New Honda Vario gave the pressure on the concept of "Keen and Sharp", by giving the balance that was good in conducting manoeuvres and comfort, although being driven.

Filled with newest technology from Honda, New Honda Vario used the machine 110 cc – 4 steps with built-in liquid cooled system, was combined with the transmission system of V-Matic to give the acceleration that was refined without must carry out the move of the gears lever.

New Honda Vario will be produced in the factory to 3 of PT Astra Honda Motor was located in Cikarang, West Java, the most sophisticated factory that was supplemented with Honda assembly technology was newest.

New Honda Vario was produced in 2 types that is the type of the rim racing (Cast Wheel) and the type of fingers (Spoke). Both the type of the rim racing and fingers were available respectively in 5 variants of the colour to fill the consumer's multitudinous appetite.

New Honda Vario was sold with the Rp price 12, 5 million (for the type of fingers/spoke) and Rp 13.5 million (for the type of the rim racing/CW) to ounce the road Jakarta.

Modification Honda Vario

Fiture - fiture main honda Vario

Absolute Styling
“Keen and Sharp” stressed the manoeuvring Vario capacity

* "Dual Keen Eyes", front light sporty with multi reflector was the symbol of the concept of the Vario design that was dynamic and slim.

* Desain bodi “Sharp” that futuristik and aerodinamis filled the young's appetite.
Absolute Packaging
the Packaging of “Just Size” that was equipped by most sophisticated seat relief,

* The seat dual that was wide and the space foot passengers that could be folded from Vario gave travelling comfort for the driver and the happiness.

Absolute Riding Performance
Combinasion was between the travelling happiness supported by the quality performance high and travelling comfort.

* The machine the capacity 110 cc – 4 steps with "built-in liquid cooled system”, was the combination between the machine capacity that was competent and consumption" of the "frugal fuel."

* Vario was the first motor-scooter in Indonesia that was supplemented with the "transmission system of Honda V-Matic", the automatic transmission system that gave the refined acceleration without stamping in all the situations through the move system of continous teeth.
Absolute Security
System the sophisticated security of the motor-scooter that gave the certain safe feeling.

* "Parking Brake Lock was" applied" to the brake lever behind that had the procedure resemblance with the car handbrake. This brake prevented Vario shifting or slipping although being parked in the condition for the road that descended.

* for guaranteed the safe feeling, "Side Stand Switch will" deactivate "the" Vario" machine when the standard still was humiliated. This to prevent the injury that possibly emerged from to-alpaan the driver to promote the standard before starting up the motorcycle machine.

*key to the main cylinder Equipped with "Secure Key Shutter", that protected the keyhole with the magnet, was useful to reduce the fear lost Vario from the theft action.

Absolute Environmental Performance

Techno "clean most" sophisticated" to fill the standard of the environment that more than normally.

*Vario was supplemented with Secondary Air Supply System (SASS) & Catalytic Converter to fill the standard Euro-2 that was appointed by the government. SASS put clean air into the sewerage system to burn repeated gas that was not burnt completely in space burnt so as to produce gas discarded results of the clean burning.
Advanced Features
Some item sophisticated increased travelling comfort and the life more the style by the bicycle motor

* Auto Choke, this system guaranteed the stability of the machine when being turned on. The freest user from the work to adapt choke, this technology cleared significant reform in the ease of the use.

Harley-Davidson Recalls 2008 FLH and FLTR for Fuel Filter Shell Defect

Harley-Davidson has issued a recall of certain 2008 FLHP, FLHPE, FLHR, FLHRC, FLHRSE4, FLHT, FLHTC, FLHTCU, FLHTCUSE3, FLHTP, FLHX, and FLTR motorcycles.

These motorcycles may experience a cracking of the fuel filter shell leading to loss of fuel pressure. This loss of fuel pressure can cause diminished performance and, in some cases, may cause an engine stall or a no-start condition. This condition could lead to a crash which could cause injury or death to the rider.

47579 units are affected.

Check out my Motorcycle Recalls feature for more details.

A Ride Around My Home Town

Here is a video I made of a ride around my home town. I fashioned a home made camera mount on to the Goldwing and bolted down my cheesy little digital camera. Maybe not the greatest of cinema but not bad for my first effort at motorcycle ride video.

Motorcycle Pictures of the Week - Chloe and Winter Warrior

Here are my Pictures of the Week as displayed on the Motorcycle Views Website. These are taken from the Moto Pic Gallery.

See new rider, Chloe, on her 2007 Kawasaki 125cc. Also, see Winter Warrior on his 2006 Harley-Davidson Sportster 1200 Custom. For details, see Motorcycle Pictures of the Week.

If you'd like to see your bike as Picture of the Week, submit a picture of you and your bike along with a description of the bike.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Vertical Vs. Horizontal #2

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Oh Fu@k!

My bike's gotta go into the shop to have a new rear tail light/license plate mount fabricated. I've got to do something, and figure it out fast, if I want to ride in the state of Minnesota without getting a ticket.

As of August first, Minnesota legislation piggy backed onto a bill, that license plates now all have to be mounted and displayed horizontally. This kind of Sh*t really pisses me off! I can't stand it that they are allowed to tag things onto other bills. Each one should be individual. This B.S. passed, and I'm pissed!!!! What's next, I ask???

See for more details. I never even saw it coming until well after the law took effect. My friend told me three days ago. It was confirmed to me when I took my bike to Stormy's Custom Bike works yesterday to have Kenny checked out. Brad, one of the mechanics there gave me the e-mail address above that confirms it.

Had I got any prior notice of this, I would have feuded it guns a blazing!, O.K. maybe an Internet petition, and a letter to the State.

I wonder how this will effect other bikers visiting Minnesota, or just passing through. I wonder how hard they will push giving out tickets for violating this newly passed law.
Even though we don't have a helmet law here in Minnesota, when one of us Minnesotans are traveling through a state that does, and you ain't wearin one, You better bet your sweet @ss they won't give you a break, just 'cause you're not from there. Your gettin a big fat ticket my friend. I'm guessin they'll ticket anyone and everyone they can for this new violation here as well.

Fair warning my friends, fair warning... Don't say Mr. M. never told you so!

And to think, I just got my new low mount set up a short while ago.

And it's not as easy as just turning the plate. The mount backing plate is a piece of welded, polished stainless steel that I had to have custom fabricated, because no one makes good stuff for Sporters. Now not only do I have to physically make the change, and spend so more dough, It will change the look of the bike. Not for the better either I might add.

Oh well, back to the drawing board.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Modification product motor

SWING ARM the MODEL BANANA for HONDA TIGER.. Be kept rising already along with the SHOCK MOUNT (UNITRACK), the ARM mudguard, BRAKET, the BOSS SWING ARM, STEAN the CHAIN ETC... POKOKE not NEED TO BUSY - AGAIN BUSY!!!

The SPY the most NEW MODEL... Be suitable for the MOTOR of MODIF LOW RIDER/RACING LOOK.. The MATERIAL had a quality..!! Could be tuned by the POSITION.. The VIEW was not disrupted...!


FOOT the STEP in UNDER BONE ESPECIALLY for SUZUKI THUNDER EN 125.. The MODEL of the STANDARD PASS.. Did not change the POSITION switched teeth... The RDR make.. Had a quality..!!! Was available VARIOUS accessories sorts for the MODIFICATION.... the PRICE was IT WAS GUARANTEED covered by LHOOOO!!!!

The ROBOCOP ADJUSTABLE steering wheel.. Could in the SET of ALL positions.... The FUTURISTIK MODEL... STRONG & was not easy to be broken was guaranteed..!!! Was available VARIOUS FORM sorts of accessories for the MODIFICATION of your MOTORCYCLE.. in accordance with the REQUIREMENT!!!