Monday, August 31, 2009

Honda Wave Motad Modding

Honda Wave Motad Modding

New Scooter 2009 Yamaha T-Max Review

2009 Yamaha T-Max

It seems abandoned bygone that Yamaha presented its aboriginal maxi-scooter which signalled a about-face in the European scooter market. And yet eight years accept passed, with the admission accepting occurred aback in July 2000.

2009 Yamaha T-Max

This is abundant added than a simple scooter - adequate and spacious, it additionally has the active amusement and accordance of a abate scooter. This has fabricated the Yamaha T-Max a bazaar success, agreement it in the top ten of bikes awash with 23,000 units in the aboriginal eight months of 2008. A acceptable 15,000 of these were awash in Italy alone.

2009 Yamaha T-Max

With affairs for aerial appeal in 2009, the allegorical chicken colour “extreme yellow” is available. This is an about agitated livery, but if you appetite article added bass bottomward there is additionally Midnight Black, Silver Aerial Tech and Stealth Metal. Pricing for 2009 is already available, including the ABS option.

NEW 2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R Review

NEW 2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R

2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R Photos and Priview

Costly (to the OEMs) updates to the 600s access every two years in a amaranthine adventure to one-up their rivals. And it's for these affidavit why the ZX-6R is so redoubtable. Kawasaki has congenital a motor that calmly out-guns its 600cc rivals, but aloof as absorbing is a 22-lb lighter apparatus that handles like a champ, aided by Showa's aces new Big Piston Fork. Doubly absorbing is that the Ninja took top ceremoniousness on both the artery and clue – no beggarly feat. Triumph's Daytona 675 gives the ZX a run for its money, but amid four-cylinder middleweights, the awful and active Ninja stands acutely at the top of this ultra-competitive heap.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Aprlia Tuono 1000 R Factory

Now the Tuono 1000 R Factory has picked up where the victorious Tuono Racing left off, with even better technical characteristics and performance.

Aprlia Tuono 1000 R Factory
With the arrival of the new Factory version, the most racing naked and the meanest on the road clearly demonstrates its racing spirit. The new Tuono 1000 R Factory is a truly professional machine for all those riders who demand the state of the art in technology and the absolute maximum in performance. As with the RSV 1000 R Factory, from which it has been derived, the Tuono 1000 R Factory is designed and built for “total ridability”, a concept that has always characterised high performance Aprilia motorcycles.

Aprlia Tuono 1000 R Factory
The Tuono 1000 R Factory sets new standards for performance nakeds. Now, the Tuono 1000 R Factory has raised the bar even higher, establishing the perfect synthesis between quality, technology, and finish.
The performance of the Tuono 1000 R Factory has been boosted to record levels by adopting the same latest generation engine that powers the RSV 1000 R Factory. Now developing 102 kW (139 HP) at the crank and a maximum torque of nearly 11 kgm at only 8,500 rpm, the Aprilia Tuono R Factory is the uncontested leader of all naked twins.

source via Aprilia

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mrs. Motorcycle Bolted on me!

The other morning as I was getting ready for work, My wife comes back in the house after leaving for work herself. She said, "Mr. M., Something is seriously wrong with my Saturn. I need you to come look at it. I was driving along, and heard a pop, then clunk, clunk, clunk. I stoped and looked, but no flat tire! I want you to look." I took the car for a drive, and noticed it when I was pulling out the driveway. I needed to go no further than 1/2 of a block away from my house to realize there was something wrong with the left rear wheel. I pulled it back into the garage to see a bolt stuck into the tread at the back side on the line of tread, and sidewall.
This is what I found!

This put an interesting spin onto my day.
I got a plug put into the tire, drove her vehicle for the day. She took mine, and I got a new set of rear tires on it during the day.

I got my wife to get me a case and a half of beer later on that day for being such a good boy!

2009 KYMCO New List and novelty 2009

2009 Kymco Xciting 500 Ri Scooter

Kymco has advance the new account it appraises scooter for 2009 and it indicates to us that the models are already disposable abutting to the concessionaires 2009. Xciting R 300i and R 500i 2009: New adaptation of cast of arete of abode Kymco who in 2009 has been an article of managed restyling. The aspect is fabricated added antagonism acknowledgment to the aboriginal band of the bifold antecedent alarm with the utilisation of lights of position to led.

2009 Kymco Xciting 500 Ri Scooter

Super 8 50 2T: good-looking, abrasive and the accouter it anchors added sporting. Super 8 50 2T already places the versions ancillary by ancillary in gamma 50cc and 125cc 4T he presents with the new colourings 2009 alike added sporting.

Motorcycle Pictures of the Week - Linda and Rollsroyce77

Here are my Pictures of the Week as displayed on the Motorcycle Views Website. These are taken from the Moto Pic Gallery. See Linda on her 2003 Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider. Also see Rollsroyce77 on his 2002 Honda VTX1800 Retro. For details, see Motorcycle Pictures of the Week.

If you'd like to see your bike as Picture of the Week, submit a picture of you and your bike along with a description of the bike.

Honda Supra 125 X injection modification full air Brush

Modification Honda Supra 125 x Full Air Brush in Ngawi motor Show Djarum black.

Harley Davidson Symbols

Harley Davidson tatooHarley Davidson Symbols

Harley SymbolsHarley Davidson Symbols

Harley Davidson groupHarley Davidson

Symbols harleyHarley Davidson Symbols

2010 YAMAHA YZF R15 Preview

2010 YAMAHA YZF R15 Preview with Sexy girl

The YZF-R15 wil be the aboriginal motorcycle in India with six apparatus afterwards the old admirable Yamaha RD 350. Good that the new one too is advancing from Yamaha. Afterwards the iconic Yamaha RX 100 which came to India in the 90s (or was it afore that?) Yamaha has consistently managed to comedy the breadth bold instead of the achievement game. The new administration is what anybody has been cat-and-mouse for from Yamaha. Forget the six apparatus the greatest affair about the Yamaha YZF R15 is its looks. Very like the Yamaha R1 superbike, which is additionally now accessible in India anyhow as a aerial priced flagship motorcycle. The Yamaha YZF-R15 was apparent to the Indian pubic for the aboriginal time at the Auto Expo. And it took the aggregate animation of India's motoring columnist away.The YZF-R15 is India's aboriginal actually faired motorcycle. So far the abutting we accept appear to a abounding allowance in India is the Karizma and the Pulsar models which accept that bisected fairing. But the actually faired YZF-R15 can accomplish the Karizma and Pulsar models pee in their fairings.

2010 YAMAHA YZF R15 Black edition

This one is appealing abundant international, acutely able-bodied advised and get this there will be a little allotment of artificial that will fit snugly over the rear bench giving your r15 motorcycle that single-seater look. What abroad accept we got? You get a animate Deltabox twin-spar frame, agenda speedometer and tachometer, tubeless tyres, clip-on handlebars.

You accept the abutting arrangement six acceleration gearbox, 150ccs, aqueous cooling, and a massive 18-22 bhp (massive by Indian standards). The 4-valve agent will use ammunition injection, and you get both discharge anchorage and ability too. Stopping ability is provided by the distinct disc brakes in advanced and back. Advanced abeyance is traditional, but you accept a monoshock at the back. And them best important agency price. No official abstracts accept been accustomed so far, but rumors say it would amount Rs 90,000 max on-road in Delhi add a brace of bags added for Mumbai. What are the negatives that ability edge in by the time the YZF-R15 hits the road?

For one the amount ability be higher. That would be a dampener for many. Two, apprehend Hero Honda and Bajaj Auto to try and out-punch the Yamaha YZF-R15 both in amount and power. If Yamaha can actually administer a amount of 90,000 on alley for a 18-22 bhp motorcycle, abiding Bajaj and Hero Honda too can do the same. And that ability abduct a bit of the the YZF-R15's thunder. No matter, we don't anticipate they will calmly bout the R1-esque looks of the YZF-R15. Apprehend account on the final appraisement and barrage dates by June-July 2008. After the big account of the accessible barrage of the Yamaha YZF-R15, about annihilation abroad seems woth your while and again you see the Yamaha FZ. Added than a decade back, I rode about on the streets f Mumbai, shit-scared, on a BMW F650 Funduro. The bike amount added than 4 lakhs, and was an amateur adversity back it came to sales. But it had a attitude which reminded Mumbaikars of a horse and calm a army wherever I anchored it. The Yamaha FZ they alarm it a ancestor reminded me of the F650 with its blush arrangement and cocked stance. But the FZ looks added avant-garde for sure. Yamaha says that the FZ is aloof a prototype. Nobody in the motoring columnist believes them. Chances are, this 150 cc air-cooled motorcycle will accomplish it into assembly appear the end of 2008.

2010 YAMAHA YZF R15 blue edition

You accept basically the aforementioned agent as the YZF-R15 Yamaha on this motorcycle, but this is added a road-and-track motorcycle than the YZF, which has antagonism pretensions alike in the 150 cc guise. So what you accept is a motorcycle that will booty on the Pulsars directly, and will allure the owners of the approved econo-miser 150 cc motorcycles. The Yamaha FZ will hav a 5-speed gearbox which will put some 16-18 bp on the alley abundant to become the achievement 150cc king. The accepted amount (absolutely unconfirmed, and based on rumors, etc etc) is Rs 70,000 on-road in Delhi.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Suzuki Jelato

New Suzuki Jelato


If only the writing motorcycle brand in the gas tank, firing and under saddle back removed, you must have guessed moge (big motorcycles). In fact, if glimpsed from the front like the Italian-made motorcycles that now prevail in the Superbike world championship.

Indeed, these two-wheeled vehicle called the Bajaj Pulsar 180 DTS-I made in 2007 came from India. Heri Syahrimen, the owner who lives in Riau is memperkekar besutannya really good.

The concept is simple, do not alter the body's character dinilainya sports turing.Ia apply only full-dress style firing aka MotoGP models. "This will be added Pulsar box for turing," said the chairman of Riau Bajaj Community (RBC).

Uniquely, Bajaj Pulsar home modification is worked out in Ciledug Raya, Tangerang. Rudi, "the repairman engineer" standard bare block up the middle so as not to wear clothes when Bajaj CBR600 model made of fiberglass.

Quite limited firing only. No! Rudi change the style sepatbor motor Itallia, Cagiva Raptor. Similarly sepatbor laced back design that Dainese has become characteristic of Blessing modif Motor (BM) where the motor Rudi dressing.

In addition to the standard, front shock breaker also be a booster when he was about to set firing. Not replaced because the owner may still want to use the default. But the front sok mpanjang inadequate juxtaposed with handlebar-flops.

Rudi was not losing my mind. The solution, using self-made adapter from the diameter steel pipe with the standard tomorrow. Pipe was then made and close the system self-drat. 5 cm in length was made

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Honda LS 125 Drag Racing

Honda LS 125 Drag Racing by ton741

Ride For Their Lives! Home For Life Animal Sanctuary

Last weekend, I finally got to break out, and go for a ride. Any reason to ride is good, but riding for a cause you believe in is even better. I've been lacking on posting, commenting and riding lately due to storm season and my job. This has been keeping me more than busy. So it felt really, really good to get on the bike again. I put on about 350 miles last Saturday.

The ride was just another ride like any other good ride. There were lots of great twisty roads, and a good time to be had while enjoying beautiful scenery whilst rolling along on two wheels. I could have done this ride and likely a much better one with my friend Daren, whom I rode with, but the ride, or the "run" was only part of the reason to be out on two wheels this day. It was for the annual Ride for Their Lives Run. It was for the cause many of you know I deeply believe in. It was for the animals in need.

I rode in the "Ride For Their Lives" run.
This was sponsored by "Doc"Desio of St. Croix Harley-Davidson, and held for Home For Life. The Animal Sanctuary of St. Croix Valley, Inc.

Home For Life® is a new kind of animal shelter. It is a long-term animal sanctuary. Home for Life® provides lifetime care for special needs animals that while still able to lead quality lives but are unable to find a home due to age, chronic treatable disorders, handicaps or similar reasons.

Here are some pictures of the animals being helped, and some ride photos. Kudos to this wonderful organization!!!!!

When I go, Take me in one of these!!!!

A trick trike fitted for a Guy in a wheelchair.

"Doc" from St. Croix Harley-Davidson, and Officer Sweeny

Dogs with wheels

Dogs with wheels

The cat house

Cute Cocker

Look, the animals have their own houses, with air conditioning!

Many kinds of animals here.

A goat with wheels

Great job on organizing the ride! There was great food, and fun. They even had drawings.
Course, I won nothing. But I had a good time anyway!