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Yamaha Fino Pink Modifies

Yamaha Fino Pink

Modification New SATRIA FU 150

All the first rider FU I do not have a motor, and staring eyes the first time tough ads on the hyper underbone. especially fitting launching the first time, showing that the Satria version Yoshimura.

But after tough it certainly stripped motorcycle again "it's cool motorcycle, I should I buy?". But now fit kebeli have stripped more bad guys modif constrained motor so as I picture (minimum).

OK Yoshimura edition, beginning beredarnya the hyper underbone in Indonesia, but about what the trinkets / replaced the part of the hyperunderbond.

Modification Yamaha Y135LC

In 2007, Yamaha MX Modif once again create a surprise with a swift swing of 4 models' kapcai 'once again enliven the world motorcycle negara.Saya forget last peluncarannya real effect but this model is very welcome that scene as the previous model Yamaha 125Z and Yamaha TZM 150.

I take only a summary of the name in writing that is' LC 'intention to bring the' Cool Liquid. 'As we know which model or LC135 Yamaha' LC 'is filled with the latest technology that allow us to drive more smoothly without feeling concerned with performance .

Let one of the technology that rendered the race to the 'LC' This is on the blog this cylinder motor components contain a mixture of materials' DiAsil. 'This material is a mixture of aluminum out with Silicon aloi then be incused the surface of the cylinder walls, strong and fast mengoyah heat.

The advanced technology in the next 'LC' he is 4 valve where the valve 2 for entry and 2 valve ekzos.Hasilnya later 'LC' This can save oil and has a deft prod the model of many contemporary with it.

The framework used by the 'LC' This is not the usual type of framework used by ordinary motorists cub, but he uses berlian.Seperti framework that shaped our maklumi framework of diamonds used by many motorists, motorists in which he shouldered more appropriate if the drive to bring pembonceng . He also gave a good balance for the overall weight between the motor and penunggang.Namun not mean you are free from any kind of incident but depend how and skil someone who is on the rider.

Modification Honda New Revo 100 CC

I smiled by reading the news that new Honda Revo was launched. I thought, that then fast also. Quite naturally much of questions and me let us hope for this engine. The rumour indicates that Revo will be increased capacity of engine of 100cc with 110cc. AHM would replace thereafter the engine c100, which is used the 80 years, it is indeed time (even as of the beginning). By reading the news my eyes sweep the words 110cc directly, sought to go everywhere. The result?
Zero made, in fact, discussed that the machine employed the first generation are always, of way or other which reason. The smile of Nangkring which was beautiful under the nose directly reversed 180 degrees. Suddenly me 'm irritated, I have much time spent the machine of waiting of the turnover c100. This machine nangkring of time with Astrea Preceded Revo. It is the pension of machine of time, the entry of museum, like memories.
Always still irritated, which is offered for new Honda Revo it is new a scratching and color, as is. Greenway, which a change colours just enough to claim the product as something new? Consumers who want more than this type. If you see the back, Honda is often made with vain promises. In 2007, will Honda create something new in mid-2007, the exit? Honda Megapro with new colors and examination. Honda Vario and direlaunching in two six-month periods in 2007 also tested only one change of color and (still) examination. Strange on the program of official reception, the clear requirement in cost.
Honda spent much of hour and cost of goods for a campaign which claimed the contents like new. Honda also spent most of the director of account of time to await the engine something new of it.

New Honda Tiger 2008 Modification

Honda Tiger 2008


Cut width X length X: 2.029 X 1.093 X 747 millimetres
Distance from wheel axle: 1.327 millimetres
Low distance to the ground: 155 millimetres
Tare weight: 137 kilogrammes
The type: Hung model (diamond steel)
Type before suspension: Teleskopik
Type postpones standard wave maintained suspension: arm of oscillation with oil of tube of double of spring
The type of suspension for the last time spoke the type: double spring of oscillation of arm
Before size of tire: 2.75 - 18 42P
Size postpones of Bush: 100/90 - 18M/C - 56P
Brake before: Hydraulic Cakram, with the double-piston
Wave type maintained back brake: Hydraulic Cakram, with one by one piston
Wave type maintained back brake: tromol
Capacity of fuel tank: 13.2 liters
Type of machine: 4 stage, OHC, cooling air
Stage of diameter X: 63.5 X 62.2 millimetres
Cylinders of volume: 196.9 DC
Compression of comparison 9.0: 1
Maximum capacity: 16.7 PICOSECONDES/8500 T/MN
Stall torque: 1.60 kgf.m/7000 t/mn
Lubricant capacity: 1.0 liter in periodic replacement
Clutch: Handbook, wet clutch of Multiplate
Dental transmission: 6 speeds
Model of tooth of operation: 1-N-2-3-4-5-6
Starter: Electric starter and starter of blow-of-foot
Aki: 12 V - 7 oh
Busi: ND X 24 EP - DP8 EA-9 of U9/de treatment
Circuit of lighting: AC-CDI, magneto

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Images Modification Yamaha Y135LC

Yamaha Y135LC

Yamaha Spark 135i modification

Yamaha Spark 135i

Jupiter MX has been present with the injection machine, but only sold in Thailand, Indonesia sometime overtake ...

In general, appearance is not much different from the MX's already there, but most of its body color dark colored sporty nan. and of course the space is the fuel injection system. 1 teeth can make it flee to 60 km / hour! and very long. his teeth 2 MX ijeksi able to bring this up to 80 km / hour, 3 teeth it can be invited to flee to 100 km / hour is 4 teeth it can flee to 130 km / hour. TOUCH!

Modification Suzuki New Shogun 125FI


The similar design of shogoun like front, seem mean with the depressions are populeux pointed-impression that supra contain more obvious. the second is a light centre of engine discover the trunk, but the more elegant glance and the character supra of property because right above the light centre, one also closes the lights seem eyebrows.


Both the engine always uses the needle as a motor bike speed was run away. for the injeksinya of system of indicator supra with an indicator of image using the engine, the shogoun fi symbol employs. for the safety of the two systems use already the key of bermagnet of OBTURATOR, but the shogoun have the added-value because in addition to the principal contacts and the principal bar, there are the opened additional seats of direct contact of the key. and a safety device of the shogoun, although the machine is already on the engine of the life, if not directly handle of brake before is not withdrawn when the electric starter.


Supra X125-FI Thanks for the request was difficult to borrow the style of drivers buckle motoGP, because the rear suspension is still too hard, is to Shogun follow-up research may be because the motor racing world to create a national Suzuki understand a little better handling affairs of the motor. the rear suspension test in New Shogun 125 FI more sip. but if for the daily activities I was the second motor is very dihandalkan bermanuver in density and Litas.


When a test on the road even, the Supra uses a piston berdiameter 52.4 mm and 57.9 mm long step takes 6.7 seconds to reach speeds of 0-60 km / hour, while the Shogun to use a piston diameter and length of the same it can more quickly, namely 6.0 seconds. Are tested field service for the 100 meters distance, they record the time that even that is far different 8.3 seconds, this means that the Supra and Shogun same respite diputaran play on the machine.


Both the motor is the same in terms of the importance of economical fuel consumption, with prices in a number Rp.15 millions simply due to taste. concerning the performance of the second motor is different thin, now living back to the taste of consumers, who want to find nuance Shogun nimble and aggressive options can be, is that you want to appear elegant and relaxed, Supra suitable to be the choice.

Modification Beat Vs MIO Vs SPIN

honda Beat 2008 modif

BeAT participate in the war brisk market matic down the middle, with a more complete offering features from competitors, honda BeAT try to become the market leader in the class skutik.

Mio has attended since 2004 to dominate until now there has not been a defeat. Skutik of total sales this year (Jan-April 2008) Mio control 58%, Honda controlled 26.3%, Suzuki 15% and the rest Kymco. Honda target until the end of this year is to sell honda BeAT to 40 thousand per month, meaning that almost rival Mio (non Mio Soul), which now reach 40-50 thousand monthly (AISI data).

Now, that to superior by what honda Beat??

From the prices are actually not much difference, from the fourth dimension of the motor is actually almost the same, but BeAT have claimed the numbers the highest ground clearance (156 mm). questions braking system, suspension and transmission are all the same. There are different in size wheels, Mio, Spin and BeAT use 14-inch rim while Libero only 12 inches. but BeAT tires have been using the most wide front and rear.

Machines used this same four-matic using the same engine SOHC 4 is not air conditioned, it adopted the Spin largest cc engine with 124 cc and BeAT with the smallest amount of 108 cc. tank capacity of the largest held by Libero able to accommodate a 5 liter, while BeAT accommodate only 3.5 liters.

Suzuki Spin

That different very small, now live features, which can be a material consideration. BeAT more expensive than Rp.315 thousand Mio promote the many convenience features such as baggage storage box front (under the helm of handlebar), safety features such as Parking Brake Lock (hand brake) and Side Stand Switch is available as a sister in the Vario.

Body design, this part masing2 depending on the taste of consumers, because each person does not taste the same, but the design front lamps BeAT not like the other matic, the body is in the middle, not at the helm as handlebar three competitors.

Conclusion, for consideration before bringing home one of matic over the match live with the taste, aftersales service network, brand and resale value.

Modification BAJAJ XCD 125 DTS-Si

The car of modification Bajaj on September 9 (as announced) launched its new 125 DC, engine-actuated parSI Xceed, have the price indicated at Rs 41.000 (ex-room of exposure). The bets of engine of Bajaj the new bicycle will provide the output of the fuel of a bicycle 100cc combined with the execution of a 150cc one. Bajaj incorporated some of devices found in the bicycle 150cc in this new XCD 125cc. Leave welcome the new XCD!

Naming and machinant XCD:

Similar to other Bajaj makes bicycle, the XCD is contemporary, elegant and is equipped with the configurations of high fidelity. XCD of Bajaj the broad, indicating black sun visor clearly of objective, 5 alloy wheels of spoke. To be added to this conventional soft devices is the new larger headlight which is lower rise installation than conventional for the aggressive installation. The twin pilot lamps with the single prismatic treatment on the external objective increases the glance. Similar to the gladiator, new XCD of Bajaj comes with cups on each side which covers partly the fuel tank not also broader. Side, the lines of flow returns the XCD more dynamic 125cc DTS-SI. The spring of the SNS coloured by body of the XCD (arises interior) instead of orange offered in other products of Bajaj prepares the ground for the flow. The lines converge with the back with a smaller lamp of triangular tail.


Devices of XCD 125cc DTS-SI:

* The XCD comes with the electric beginning but does not have the disc brake

* XCD 125cc DTS-SI comprises a larger headlight with the prismatic pilot lamps

* The XCD is the first bicycle 125cc with launching with the numerical console - a microprocessor built in the information of assemblies of tachometer the speed of wheel. For the use of night, the screen of posting to liquid crystals has an orange back-light with configurations in the black. With this 135cc discover and platinized it are the only products which are barred console of posting with liquid crystals of this Bajaj. To be soon launched flame of TV 125cc has a similar console

* Another first in the XCD 125cc is the rear light of LED which is only available in bicycles of execution. Bajaj brings its products to added-value to the segment 125cc.

* With the new XCD 125cc DTS-SI, bajaj presents a new technology for which it applied for the patent. The XCD comprises a flexible mechanism of number plate instead of the conventional rigid dish. By this new XCD of mechanism the number plate balances ahead and behind which makes it possible the bicycle to have a fairing before more humbly than conventional which will constantly allow the aggressive position for the bicycle according to Bajaj

the *XCD adapts the tire postpones broader industrially compatible with the back

* an easier maneuverability with this new XCD due to the reduced footing (1265mm in the XCD and 1305mm discover inside) but to this reduction could have an impact on the stability of the bicycle

* XCD 125cc DTS-SI comprises weights of handlebar (black color) to order vibrations

Modification Honda Revo

whether there revo 125 cc? in thailand if it launched a new name given Honda Wave 125 x-series! knows what india soon follow.

Honda wave that is exactly the same as berbody honda revo in Indonesia, only different sticker striping. bermesinkan engine Supra x 125, how to taste? revo 125 is certainly more ngacir because the engine going but more bodynya more lightweight than 1.5 kg Supra x125. to the braking, the motor is equipped with disc brakes for the front and rear wheels.

Motorcycle Pictures of the Week - Ackme

Here are my Pictures of the Week as displayed on the Motorcycle Views Website. These are taken from the Moto Pic Gallery.

See Ackme with his 2005 Triumph Tiger. For details, see Motorcycle Pictures of the Week.

If you'd like to see your bike as Picture of the Week, submit a picture of you and your bike along with a description of the bike.

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Extrem Honda Beat Modification

After the release of a new motorcycle called the Honda motorcycle CS1 (Sports City) about 2 months ago, Honda plans to release a new type of automatic bicycle. The name is automatically the latest variants that are sold in Indonesia is the Honda Beat. Apparently, not too different than the former type, Vario. There are still many characteristic features Vario threshold, which was conducted with this new type, such as the Side Stand Switch and parking Brake Lock. In Thailand, this is different with the name of Icon. 

Physically, the display almost the same as the Honda Icon. He also used 108 CC 4 not with the CVT transmision. Color options that are available are Blue Fusion, Hip Hip Orange, Pink Pop, Rock Hard Black, White Techno, and Electro Red. and the motor is very suitable for anyone.

Modification New Honda CZ-1 110CC

Honda CZ-110 CC is the latest release from Honda beginners will be launched in Indonesia this year. In some aspects, the motor is almost the same as the earlier versions sold in the U.S., Honda Revo. Especially on the concept of sports. But there are some new innovation in this concept, is expected to launch soon in Indonesia.

New Honda CZ-1 110CC

This new variant has a futuristic style, but continue to use low-spec machines. Honda CZ-110 has a 110 CC Thanks for the request for stroke engine with FI technology, a system of injection technology applied in the Honda Supra 125 FI Thanks for the request. It uses electronic control unit to control emissions to commply with Euro6. Many sources say that he will also be developed for the market as the Revo 110 CC type. Is expected to be completed within this year so that will add an alternative in the class duck.

Modification Extrem Honda City Sport 1

Well ... Honda CS1 already in Surabaya in order ... and many comments pro and contra ...! Yaagh the Gn ... whatever ... it's the innovation of the Honda .. dare as the 'first Mover' in this new segment ...! As during the first birth of the motor scoter .. ! Anyway, in this article she attempted bahaz about three things, namely technical features of the alias this side of the motor, and pricing, and the last is the target market share alias motorcycle sales this ...! So who would like to comment yaagh monggo better ...

In The feature

CS1 ... Honda's already meet the consumer's mindset ...!  irrespective of design ... it used 125cc engine, 4 stroke, SOHC Cooled with liquid. Compression ratio is also higher sizable state 10.7:1 ...! Power generated 12.8HP recorded in the 10000RPM ...! Front of the rear brake discs have been packing Brake, is monoshock rear shock, exhaust is racing, racing Velg also .. I laagh with a similar feature in the competition terdekatnya the FU-150 ..!!! If problems occur, design is debatable ...! Motor designed by 3 experts from Japan, Thailand, and Indonesia is quite controversial ... .. ! Lagh yes .. because ... to create a new segment is unique ..!!! If the design problem .. she's comment .. it was relatively .. and allow the market a better judge.

Suzuki SPIN Modification of the environment-friendly

Suzuki Spin was the automatic motor-scooter the production from Suzuki Indomobil in Indonesia. Suzuki Spin will compete directly with Yamaha Mio, Yamaha Nouvo and Honda vario. Spin also quite environment-friendly with the application of the Pulsed Secondary Air Injection System (SCAN) and Catalyzer Exhaust System, that will untangle Hidrocarbon gas, Carbon Monoksida, Nitrogen Oksida became gas/material that was relatively environment-friendly water, carbon dioxide and neutral.

Modification of Java Moto

New Honda Supra Fit X125

I'm fit. Modif theme that is my race. I want to be my view motor racing look. To realize this dream, the cost of not less. Therefore, this time I can change some part of it, which is already racing look, although very minimal.

Workshops which direction to make up my motorcycle this? Ratushny Jaya Motor answer. This workshop is very famous and a destination for many bikers. There are two public workshops (not officially a workshop motorcycle manufacturer) wind Jaya Motor, which I know. Both the Road Ahmad Yani. The first number in the 358 (this is my direction) and the second in the west BCA (from Internet sources was number 640). Yonk Jaya Motor is also a distributor of some motorcycle components (especially the components of the race) at the famous ground water, such as the AHRS and TDR. In addition to two public workshops, the wind Jaya also has dealerships (which is also the official workshop) Yamaha motorcycle. Remember a few meters west of the workshops mentioned first. And the most interesting is Yonk Jaya also has a team of motorcycle racing. The name often depends on sponsors, for example, in 2007 they have Indoprix team named Yamaha TDR Pertamina E4TR servant Jaya. Please note, Indoprix a motorcycle racing arena prestigious high level of a new national held this year Indonesia Motor Association (IMI). The only arena of racing followed by Indonesia's top drivers are also broadcast in the Trans 7 too. Because of its reputation, the name of this workshop (and also the owners, mechanics, and other employees) also often appear in the tabloids, which discusses the motorcycle.oto plus!

New Honda Supra Fit 

Now we study the core of this article. In this first opportunity, I make modifications to the front of Footstep, Footstep back, and the muffler. I preface this part because I think part of this (except Footstep back) is the part that most racing display.
To be racing certainly look forward Footstep replaced with a model underbone. When I ask employees to Yonk Jaya Motor about this, I immediately indicated a Footstep underbone AHRS. In order to comply with changes Footstep front, back Footstep any compulsory replaced. The former employees also have Footstep Suzuki Satria long (2-stroke). Not surprisingly the original Suzuki. I actually want to choose Footstep Satria FU150 (4-stroke), a more futuristic designs, but said the employee was not there stoknya. Yes it is. And the last, muffler. 
After selecting the third component, the mechanics also be explored. At the time of installation Footstep front, there are components that must be replaced, the mast brake, brake earlier because the pole can not be adjusted to the new Footstep. To be in the order, Footstep weld it back to order. Finally, after about 2.5 hours of modifications this time it is finished.

Because all the components of this new component that is not necessarily to a motorcycle daily, so there is some lack of modifications after this. First, the standard side to be removed because the old one with Footstep (although still can be maintained with a prominent iron cut out). Second, the brake lights will not light if we turn back because of brake Footstep not have the new part is connected with the brake light switches. Third, the kick-starter played as much 80 degrees backward to adjust to the new Footstep. At least three things is quite influential.

Son's of Anarchy Episode 13 review

The season finale lucky#13 episode did not disappoint.

The show started out with Gemma confronting Clay regarding what he knew of the Donna shooting. When he could not answer the question that it had nothing to do with the club, She knew it did. This brought Clay to tears.

We moved onto the local police station where Unser and Hale start laying blame on Donna's death, and ultimately decide that maybe the outlaws should serve up their own justice. Hale slips a bit of information to Jax, so he can go ballistic.

Half Sack shows back up in this episode.

Tara has a talk with Jax about her going back to Chicago, which Jax wants to hear nothing of the sorts.

Gemma finds John Teller's Journal while unpacking some of Jax's belongings. Confronts Clay with it, and Clay looses his Sh*t over it and storms out in a rage. Gemma mutters to herself "Your loosing control, just like he did" referring to John Teller.

There is a hold up in the bar that the Niner's (the black gang involved in the prior episode's shoot out) hang out in started by Piermont Winston (AKA Piney) Opies father. Jax and Half-sack save the day here, by getting Piney and themselves out alive. Here it is revealed that the hit on Donna was not gangster, and not served up by the Niners.

There is a scene where ATF Agent June Stahl is in with Bobbi in jail, and she reveals to him that she set up Opie, and that Donna's death was a mistake. Did She do this to vent, or did she do this to get Bobbi to turn on the club for killing Donna? Maybe something more was in her motives that I've not figured out yet. We'll have to wait and see.

Jax confront's Clay in the clubhouse. Asks him if he had anything to do with the hit intended for Opie, and mistakenly taken out on Donna. Clay blatenly denies it, and Jax walks out on him. Jax finds out that the informant witness is a 17 year old girl, and goes off to stop the other club members from putting a hit on her. Jax and Tig get into it over Jax stopping the hit. Tig says, "You've crossed the line Jax" to which Jax replies, "Not yet" and then the brawl between the two is on. Jax ultimately kicks Tigs ass.

We skip by to a scene where Piney is reading a note from John teller that he has clearly hung onto for years. The note reveals how much the club has changed since the two of them founded the SOA MC.

We then back track to a scene where Jax spends some time alone clearing his head after the fight with Tig. Jax is drinking some beer, and smoking some weed in the cemetary where John Teller, his father is burried. He wakes up in the cemetary the next morning and gives a blanket he borrowwed from a homeless bag lady back to her, and proceeds to walk down to the funeral burial that has started for Donna.

Jax leaves the funeral burial right quick, and as he is walking away, Tara leaves the funeral burial to follow behind. They embrace in a kiss.

Piney comes up to Jax, hands him a large stack of papers. (I did not catch exactly what they were) Club rights, or something. Piney says to Jax, "Time for a change." then walks away.

Jax goes to John Teller's grave, and we see Gemma and Clay looking at him with great concern. This is where the episode ends for a cliffhanger waiting untill next season.

Wholy crap it't been a hell of a ride. I'm stoked for next season. How about You!?!?!

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Top 10 things you can only say at Thanksgiving!

10. Talk about a huge breast!

9. Tying the legs together keeps the inside moist.

8. If I don't undo my pants, I'll burst!

7. That's one terrific spread!

6. It's a little dry, do you still want to eat it?

5. Just wait your turn, you'll get some!

4. Don't play with your meat.

3. I didn't expect everyone to come at once!

2. How long will it take after you stick it in?

and the Number #1 thing you can only say on

1. I'm in the mood for a little dark meat.

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You asked for it!

Two posts ago, I did a photo of "Crack Kills". I received several comments about this on how disturbing it was. Then I got a comment from Stephanie, AKA IHG short for Iowa Harley Girl. "I think he needs a flag sticking out of it to draw some more attention! LMAO!!!

Stephanie, Not the same bike or guy, butt (pun intended), Will this do?

Blog Roll

For those of you who have blog rolls, and have included my blog on your list, I want to say thank you.

For those of you who do, you may have checked my blog to see if you are on mine, only to find out I do not have a blog roll on my site. Sorry.

I have "over" 30 some blogs that get checked on a daily basis in my "Google Reader". The list continually grows. I have a hard time keeping up with reading and commenting on these, let alone maintaining my own blog at times.

I made a conscious decision at one time to remove the blog roll from my site. I did this because, I always felt like I was missing someone who visits my site. Every new comment I get, I read. I don't always respond, due to volume, and my time constraints. Like I said two posts ago, If a new person visits, and leaves me a comment, I'll go check out their profile. If they have a blog, I'll check that out too. If the blog is interesting to me, I'll add it to my Google Reader, and get updates when they do a new post.

I know there are tons more blogs out there that are of interest to me that I cannot posibly read, or give proper credit to on a blog roll, therefore I choose not to have one at all.

I fault no one for having one, and like I said, If my blog is on it, thanks!

I just wanted to clear the air officially as to why you are not on my blog roll. It's because I don't have one, and now you know why.)