Monday, November 3, 2008

Continuation rant from Halloween. I survived Halloween, barely.

The kids in their little costumes were cute.

We did go through a craptacular amount of candy, and could have gone through more, had we not shut off the lights early on the non-costumed teenagers. Hell, even I went as far as making attempt to get into the Halloween spirit buy shooting a bullet between my eyes. I wasn't even trick or treating.

The Eve started out well, but earlier and earlier each year we see rows of cars with mothers and fathers bringing kids into our neighborhoods. We KNOW they don't live here. Where do they come from?

This year brought a new erea of non-Halloween spirited folks to our door.

We had a minivan with about 7 kids (little ones even) "escorted by parents" come up to the door from who knows where, AND NOT ONE OF THEM HAD A COSTUME. WTF?

Now I hope no one takes offense. Well if you do, too bad.
I am half Korean. I was adopted when I was only 22 months old. I remember nothing of Korea. I know little to nothing of my birth parents, nor do I care. As far as I'm concerned, My adoptive parents may as well be my birth parents.

Anyway back to my point. Being half Asian, you will know this view of mine is hopefully not going to come across as racist against Asians. If you think I am prejudiced, Well than I'll have to reply that I hate everyone equally.

Again back to my point. This was one of several minivans of parents, and Asian children
with no costumes. Are they new to the country? Do they not grasp the concept of trick or treating fully? WTF?

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