Thursday, August 21, 2008

Malaysia the manufacturer of the car proton

mV Agusta Motor Itali
Malaysia the manufacturer of the car proton

Malaysia the manufacturer's Proton car has released the ambitious plan but be aged short to develop into the motorcycle company, by the just sale in mV Agusta Motor Itali.erusahaan says now has done business attention totalling 57,57 percent him in the European company to GEVI Spa Italy to symbolic 1 euro, but the buyer would mengasumsikan 107 million euro ($174 million) in the debt.Rationalisation realised as the Proton struggle that was connected by the country again deal with began the competition and some markets fell in the house. Also tried to seal the transaction to sell just strategic assets to Volkswagen, the manufacturer of the European car.

They must evacuate the company that was dropping them off. , Proton stressed the news in Italy about the sale possibly. MV Agusta, that under the protection of the bankruptcy, made the bicycle under Agusta, Cagiva and the Husqvarna kind.

mv agusta f4RR 312

The proton splashed out 70 million euro to buy Augusta in in December last year in a move that took it beyond its played car-making business and surprised analysts. Augusta boots has gone ounce losing money, contributing to Proton apostr s own flow of red ink. Last month, Proton reported a quarterly the net loss of 154,3 million ringgit ($56 million), weighed down in part by provisions of 160,7 million ringgit to pay off Augusta apostr s debts. The proton has been under increasing pressure at home, with its share of domestic sales falling to 44 per cent from 75 per cent over the past decade.

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