Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Answering a Reader Question #73

Anonymous Wrote:

I read your blog all the time! It's really great. You have definitely given me a good insight into the industry. My dream has always been VS, but at 5'6 1/2, I'm too short. I'd like to get into print/commercial though. Do you think that is possible with my height?

Also, how do you get into bridal modeling specifically? Like for wedding magazines and bridal runway shows? Are the requirements the same as fashion/runway? Do you have to be with an agency?

Hey, Anonymous! Thanks for the kind words and for being a reader of my blog, I really appreciate it! Good questions, too. Let's see if I can get ya some answers. =)

At your current height, you are ideal for commercial/print work, so that's in your favor. Definitely look into modeling agencies that represent commercial/print models and submit your photos or attend casting calls. Bridal modeling is its own special sub category that does not always fall under the same requirements as high fashion. Bridal runway shows are held all over the country and are typically put on by production companies that use models of all heights and sizes. This is because their target audience are real brides, who obviously are not all built like supermodels. If you want to do bridal fashion shows I would suggest looking online to find out if there are any bridal shows or bridal fairs happening in your area. If so, go to the website and find out the name of the company that produces the bridal show. Send them an email or give them a call and ask them to put you in touch with whoever is in charge of hiring the models for the bridal shows. Local bridal shows hire both freelance and agency models so this is something you could pursue without an agent if you wanted.

As far as getting into bridal magazines, most well known publications do use agency represented models and they often require them to have the high fashion measurements. The designers typically use the smallest sizes so they need their models to be super tall and super slim. Aside from getting an agent to help you get your foot in the door to do bridal modeling, you could try looking up the websites of the bridal magazines and emailing their editor to find out what agencies they hire their models from or if they allow submissions from freelance models. By doing this kind of research you'll know what they are looking for and could make some possible contacts within the industry. Of course having an agent will prevent you from having to do this much work on your own. If you can manage to find any local bridal magazines, they may be more inclined to work with you even if you are not of fashion height.

So in a nutshell, do your best to get signed to an agency and let them know that you are interested in bridal modeling and shows. Until you get signed, you can pursue the bridal fashion shows without an agent. I hope that info helps and feel free to shoot me an email if you need further assistance. Good luck to you!

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