Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Zev 7000 watt Electric Motorcycle

Zev's newest electric motorcycle 7000 Watts of High Power!

Reviewed by Gizmag!!

We have the world's fastest and most powerful PRODUCTION electric motorycle!
14.6 KW launch or standing start power!
We have had it with all of the claims by various companies that they have the fastest production bike around. We tell them to bring their street legal production bike and bring their betting money. There can be only one “fastest” production electric motorcycle or E-bike in the world!

The ZEV7000 will run 113 kph / 70 mph speeds. Take it out on the Interstate highway and run. Customers have run this bike at full throttle for over 20 miles. Acceleration was this bikes main design factor. Punch the shift button for the power boost into second and you can feel the front wheel get light.
Faster than any of the advertised speeds of any other electric motor scooter (advertisements which may or may not be true). Compare to the advertised specifications listed on other company web sites and brochures. Faster than the $10,000 or the $8,700 Vectrix scooter. Save $2,000 and get better performance with ZEV. Faster than any other production electric motorcycle!

• At least 10 mph Faster than the Vectrix VX-1E and faster with more range than the more expensive $10,500 Vectrix VX-1.

• The ZEV has an 84% higher continuous rating power than the 3.8 KW Vectrix.

Faster with 17% more range than the 1908 more expensive $9,950 Zero S.

• Just as fast as the Brammo Enertia Bike, but the ZEV has 41% more range.

Faster than any Chinese gasoline motor scooter tested in actual comparison tests.

41% more range than the $10,000 Vectrix. (based on advertised specifications)

41% more range than the best of the Chinese built electric scooters claim to be capable of. (based on advertised claims that may or may not be real)

More hill climbing ability than any other electric motor scooter on the market with the standard motor. (Even more hill climbing ability is available in the 7000 Alpine with a special torque motor offering over 300 Nm of peak torque-at the expense of some speed)

Lighter than the heavy Vectrix by 205 lbs.

Best warranty in the industry. Two years!

Speed -113 kph / 70 mph

Range - depends upon terrain, weather, load. Our range is measured on flat land on standard day conditions.
at 50 mph - 62 miles or  99.7793 km
at 45 mph - 70 miles or  112.654 km
at 28 mph - 83 miles or 133.575 km

96 Volt peak power battery pack. 84 Volt nominal. 3.84 W battery capacity. 28 batteries, 40 Ah Thunder Sky. Revolutionary BMS (Battery Management System) built into the connectors between the batteries.
Energy saving 3 speed “Electronic Transmission”
Regenerative braking.

Longer wheelbase than a Vectrix for high speed handling.

Battery pack set down in the frame as low as possible to put the bike mass at the axle. Only 6.5 inches from the ground to the battery box bottom.

Production bikes have Sport bike gas shocks for the best handling and ride. Fully adjustable!

Curb Weight - 294 lbs / 134 kg
Gross Weight - 759 lbs / 345kg

This bike is assembled in the USA with a US VIN number and USA printed Certificates of Origin. There are no registration problems like may occur with the Chinese L Vin Series bikes. The ZEV is fully compliant with all EPA and DOT rules and regulations.

There are now Federal Tax credits available to US residents and many states have incentives ON TOP of this Federal Tax credit.  The Colorado Alternative Fuel Vehicle Credit will apply a savings of up to $6,000 to your chosen electric motorcycle, to which you can add another 10 percent credit from the federal government.


Colorado Tax credit makes the Zev Electric Motorcycle really cheap! Get up to $6000.00 back in tax credits or rebates!

New US EV & Renewable Energy Tax Credits -

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