Monday, April 12, 2010

Answering a Reader Question #72

Anonymous Wrote: 

i'm interested in being a fashion model. i wouldn't mind not walking runways, but i do want to travel the world (milan, paris, new york, etc.) to do shoots for top designers. i'm not sure if this part of fashion/runway model.
anyways i'm 18, i'm going to turn 19 in october. i realized i want to be model right when i turned 18 so i started on clearing my skin. my doctor gave retin-a and he said my face will have to get worse before it gets better:( so it's not april and my face is clear except from ACNE SCARS :( my doctor said with continous treatment they should be gone by july. however if i sign to a local agency to get some work so i can transfer to a big agency like Ford, will i be too old. i feel like i would be 20 by then after all the work. sry this is so long, i'm just wondering with all the baby steps i have to take, will 19-20 (i'm guessin) be too old for the kind of modeling i want to do in new york. i'm 5'8 by the way. again sry for the long post.

Hi, Anonymous, and thanks for the question. The type of modeling you are talking about is fashion/runway modeling. You meet the minimum height requirement so that is good. 20 in the fashion world is considered a bit older BUT that does not necessarily mean that you won't have a shot. If you end up signing to a local agency before making the move to a larger market, you will still be able to build a career for yourself and put together a strong portfolio. So even if you are 20 by the time you would have a chance to get signed to a bigger agency like Ford, you would at least have your portfolio and resume of work to show them that you have the potential and already have experience in the industry, which could make you a stronger candidate compared to a new model with no experience who is 20-years-old.

What is important is that you look youthful. As long as your complexion is clear by the time you start seeing agencies and you don't have any fine lines, wrinkles or other signs of aging or sun damage, I don't see where you would have a problem. However, New York is one of the toughest markets to break into so be prepared for high standards, strict requirements and harsh criticism--that goes for anyone wanting to do fashion and runway modeling in New York, so don't think that I'm just targeting you. =)

Ultimately, the only way you'll find out whether you have what it takes is to start attending the NY agency casting calls once your skin is clear of the acne scars and you're ready to move on to a larger market. Good luck!

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