Saturday, May 1, 2010

Answering a Reader Question #77

Marla Wrote:

Hello again! I've been wondering, what is the height requirement for commercial fashion? Can one really do it at less than 5'7"? I thought jobs for down-to-earth catalogues and things like that still went to more commercial looking fashion models as opposed to commercial print models. 

Hey, Marla! Great question. Commercial fashion is a subcategory of commercial/print and according to industry standards, the preferred height range for female models in this field is between 5'5"-5'7". So yes, print models do mainly get submitted for catalogs and other similar print work for commercial fashion. However, this is mostly the case for medium to smaller modeling markets. The larger markets (NYC, LA, etc.) have recently started submitting their fashion girls for commercial fashion, although they must possess more "commercial" features and a mainstream look that would appeal to consumers.

Model hopefuls that want to do commercial fashion in particular should not only fall within the height range I mentioned above but be on the slimmer side (not necessarily catwalk slim, though)--after all, there is fashion involved--but even though the clothes aren't on the haute couture level, models are still required to work with sample sizes. The strength of a model's agency, in addition to their location, will play a huge factor in booking these kinds of gigs.

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