Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Triumph Rocket III Roadster 2010

Legendary British motorcycle manufacturer Triumph is introducing the baddest version yet of its 2.3 litre Rocket III, the Rocket III Roadster.The Rocket III Roadster moves out of cruiser territory and transcends into that of the ultimate muscle streetfighter. With all the power and ability of the standard model and the biggest torque figure of any production motorcycle.


The Rocket III Roadster features the most powerful version yet of the incomparable 2.3 litre, in-line, water cooled, triple. With 146bhp at 5750rpm, the Rocket III Roadster is the most powerful model in Triumph’s range – but it’s the massive torque that really separates the Rocket III Roadster from the rest. With 194Nm, more than any other motorcycle on the market, the Rocket III Roadster accelerates unlike nothing else. But despite its size, the engine is incredibly smooth as the balance, input and rear drive shaft contra-rotate against the crankshaft, which makes for minimal torque reaction.


The Rocket III Roadster features a sophisticated anti-lock braking system that makes 100 calculations each second to ensure the rider retains full control under extreme braking. Up front, the twin four-piston calipers are mated to 320mm floating discs to deliver the sort of stopping power you’d expect from a high-performance bike. The rear brake, developed especially by Brembo, is a single twin piston caliper and 316mm disc.


Menacingly blacked out 43mm upside down forks offer precise steering while all-new twin shock absorbers at the rear provide a comfortable and composed ride one-up or two. Combined with the mid-mounted controls and revised ergonomics, the Rocket III Roadster offers the sportiest ride of any motorcycle to proudly display the Rocket III badge.

Black Finishes

Two menacing black finishes make the Roadster the meanest looking Rocket III yet. The motorcycle is available in sparkling Phantom Black or a minimalist Matt Black option, with the stripped down, ready for action look enhanced with some equally shadowy components. From the Roadster’s 2.3 litre heart to the 43mm forks up front, the blacked out components of the Rocket III Roadster ooze classic streetfighter aggression.


In sparkling Phantom Black or menacing Matt, the Rocket III Roadster oozes menace and quality in equal dozes. The chassis is a tubular steel twin-spine design using the engine as a stressed member for maximum stiffness and control. New ergonomics place the rider in an ideal position to push the bike effortlessly into corners, while the blacked out components perfectly match the aggressive streetfighter styling and ensure the Roadster looks as good as it goes.

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