Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Triumph Tiger Special Edition 2010

The Tiger’s current platform was first introduced in 1994 and has evolved into a well-rounded sport
touring motorcycle that is perfect for cutting through the urban jungle, devouring highway miles and
carving through challenging mountain passes.

The Tiger is powered by Triumph’s highly-acclaimed 1050cc three-cylinder engine that delivers
113hp at 9,400rpm and 74 ft. lbs. of torque at 6,250rpm. An adjustable sport suspension and 120
front/180 rear sport tires mounted on 17-inch wheels are combined with powerful Nissin brakes for
exceptional, confidence-inspiring handling.

Engine: Powered by Triumph’s highly-acclaimed 1050cc three-cylinder engine, delivering peak power of 113bhp at 9,400rpm and torque at 6,250rpm. Adjustable sports suspension and 120 front/180 rear sports tires combined with powerful radial front caliper Nissin brakes endow the Tiger with the agility, handling and braking to let you fully exploit the potent triple.

Fuel Tank: The 5.2 gallon fuel tank provides a realistic 200 mile range, adding to the Tiger’s practicality and touring ability.

Body Work: The two-tone color scheme enhances the standard Tiger’s looks with an air of classic British sophistication.

ABS: Triumph’s Antilock Braking System has been carefully designed to boost control under hard braking, working on both wheels independently. This unobtrusive system retains all the sensations of riding, operating at 100 calculations per second to sense the precise moment the wheel is about to lock up, then preventing it from doing so. The system has been specifically tailored to the Tiger, with painstaking calibration over many months to ensure optimum braking performance.

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