Tuesday, May 11, 2010


yamaha xeon

PT.Yamaha latest Lansiran Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI) ie Yamaha scooter matic Xeon. Having a platform that is completely new from the previous generation of Mio and Nouvo series with a series of eleven, twelve machine specifications. Xeon carries a number of new technologies in the history of the scooter matic garputala. Although some of them have been adopted by another variant of Yamaha motorcycles. DiAsil Cylinder, Forged Piston, Throttle Positioning Sensor (TPS), Liquid Cooled is a technology that tersemat on MX135LC Jupiter and Yamaha V-Ixion. But this is the first in the automatic scooter Yamaha.
Another added value compared to other automatic scooter is a roomy trunk under the seat of the 'able' to swallow an open face helmet. In addition, more ergonomically designed seats. Why is it called the Xeon? Xeon acronym of the extraordinary, an extraordinary masterpiece of Yamaha. Makin unrivaled. Seeing the progress of sales this is not something grandiose for the manufacturer which is identical to this blue color. Yamaha Xeon released with five attractive colors: Black, Blue, Black, White, Black, Maroon, Black, Green, and Black-Red. With Anyar design would become a magnet for consumers ground water that has more options.
Penjualanpun target has been set. 25 thousand within a month. How much to redeem the net capacity of 124cc automatic scooter is this? OTR Jakarta and around 15.5 million rupiah. Matic scooter is not an overstatement when it juxtaposed parallel with Honda Vario CBS Techno that despite the difference anyway 10cc capacity liquid cooling technology (high berkompresi indicate this scooter) and the price is close to make it worth it. Especially if you see a direct glimpse Xeon Yamaha scooter reminiscent of the single wing lansiran matic. War has been opened in the Japanese premium scooter class. Tagline 'The Unmatched' Yamaha's ambition to strengthen the firm as a market leader in automatic scooter class.
yamaha xeon

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