Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Install Lambo Door

Below is a way to install lambo door,before installing I suggest you to prepare equipment.

Remove fender of a car with a take of the bolts on the engine bay and around the wheel wells. Also do not forget the bolts near the lamp inside the engine bay and the underside of the lid skirt

With a closed door meeting took masking tape or duct tape and placed across the roof / windshield, door to door and window. This will allow you to see how much adjusting needed to be made when the door comes from its hinges.

With someone leaning against the door to make sure that nothing will fall on you when you break the bolts loose, took the 10 bolts holding the door hinges on the stock. Mark the hinge to which side they came off so if you take the hinge off you'll be putting them on the right side.

Attach hinges to the car and loose mounting bolts into the car. Get all the bolts to the car then you can make adjustments with tightening them later. The upper part of this kit using only two bolts, not three like the factory hinges.

Tighten down all really tight with the door bolt held in place. Adjustments can be made later if necessary. Be sure not to over tighten the bolts go into the door they're easy to strip in some cases.

Did someone lift the door while you screw into the upper arm shock mount (blue) on the hinge and then pop his head in shock (red) to the ball together. There are two types of farm laborers who shear pin down the ball around the head to lock into place.

Time to roll the fender. I used tin snips and cut a small cut down the bumper and 45-degree angle at the end and folded back with pliers and a hammer. After placing the fender and mounting it with a few bolts I noticed that the door would not open enough to clean the stopper without hitting the fender.

Some kits come with bolt holes under the cut as a slide to make up for small adjustments. Mine will not tighten enough and wants to disrupt the harmony of the slide and when I lifted the door after a few days.

After all is said in done the lambo doors will probably need one more adjustment after about a week after getting the shock settled in and you see how the door closes and opens.

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