Thursday, October 16, 2008

Son's of Anarchy Episode 7 review

Where does all my time go. I posted 6's review, then another regular post, and here we are at review #7 already. I guess I was really busy last week.

Well let's get to it....

I guess the Wackadoo A.T.F. agent Coehen got his Huh?
I love how the FBI agent wasn't able to pin anything on Jax.
Justice (vigilante justice) was served on a silver platter, or wait was that through a plate glass window?

I have a new liking for the prospect, and a new respect for his character. That scrawny little dude can kick some ass in the boxing ring. Funny how the fight ended after the prospect got a little angry seeing Clay and his girl. I loved it when clay thumped his own forehead like duh, I coulda had a V8, then he says "My Bad".

"The rest stays buried."
I wonder what the rest is?

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