Friday, October 31, 2008

I've come a long way

I was rummaging through some photos, and saw a picture of a motorcycle tank and fenders that I painted when I was at Tech school for auto body, and paint way back in 1991.

I did my very first Harley Davidson custom paint job for a guy who was going through the heavy equipment mechanics class next door to the Auto Body Shop class. He had a 1200 Sportster that he got a new tank for, and wanted a color change on tank and fenders to match "with a twist" of something not completely stock looking. This is what I gave him for I think about $300.00, which included materials.

Most of you who follow my blog regularly have already seen pictures of my bike, but for those who have not, for comparison sake, I posted a couple of pics of my most recent custom paint job which is on my bike. What a difference 17 1/2 years can make. I think if I would have stuck with this professionally I'd be better, but I would hate it, or at least my love for doing a custom paint job would be reduced to "it's a job". At least it's a decent paying hobby this way. I got no complaints.

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