Tuesday, October 14, 2008

last week, float building, painting, fishing, and riding

This past week was a busy one for me. I took a weeks vacation just to have some me time, and burn some vacation hours before I lost them. I wanted the time off while still warm enough to ride.

I typically do this once a year. 'Bout the same time each year.
I usually end up working on some kind of project such as landscaping around the yard, painting a room inside the house, remodeling, doing a custom paint job or such. All are things which I rarely find time to do unless I do take vacation time to make them happen.

This time was really no different and left me very little time to ride my motorcycle as I had wished. Oh well, such is life.

I worked on painting a parade float for the figure skating club which my kids belong to. A few men on the figure skating clubs board and I built it the weekend prior to my vacation. With my painting skills, I allowed myself to get sucked into painting the float. (Did you know it takes up an entire week painting and custom painting graphics and lettering on O.S.B. chip board?" (neither did I). Lesson learned. Note to self...Remember this is ever asked to paint another float. I'll post pictures of the float when it is re-assembled.

While spending almost the entire week in my garage working on said float, I did manage to get out here and there for breaks. I took a few photos of the fall colors turning.

I might have gotten out Friday afternoon for about an hour and a half on my birthday to wet a line.
On the way, I was in such a hurry to finally hit the lake and fish, that I got pulled over for speeding. The very nice officer gave me a warning for my birthday! (Thanks officer!)

Saturday was a beautiful day. I hooked up with one of my best friends, and went for a ride on the "Frost Your Nuts Run". Great turn out, great weather. It did rain that day, but only upon returning homeward, two miles away from my house. Just enough to get the bike dirty before pulling it into the garage for the day.

So the lack of being there in the blog world last week is due to my being busy doing the things I do when not blogging, or working. Hope your week was good.

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