Monday, April 28, 2008

Free Smells ... Ooh Yeah

As much as I like motorcycles, and the motorcycle lifestyle, I like motorcycle shops.

Why you ask?

Because there is only one kind of person you will ever likely run into at a motorcycle shop of any kind.......another biker, or person with similar interests, or obsessions if you will.

It's like hanging out at a bar. My wife actually refers to a local bike shop I hang out at as "The Bar".

I think She is O.K. with me going there 'Cause it keeps me out of the real bars "for the most part".

I labeled this post free smells, because it reminds me of a hoagie restaraunt nearby called Jimmy John's . This is where they advertise that they deliver subs so fast you'll freak.

Anyway, they have a sign on the front door that says "Free smells".

I chuckle inside a bit when I see the sign, because I'm always tempted to walk in some day through the front door and take a REALLY big sniff. When they ask me if they can help me, I want to say, no thanks, I just came in for a free smell.

(LOL). I crack myself up sometimes. Just ask my wife an kids. They find it funny that I make myself laugh.

This brings me back to the bike shop. I many times have no reason to go there except for my free smells. In other words, not to purchase anything, but just to talk smart, and hang around with the guys in the shop, drink a beer or two and shoot the sh*t if you know what I mean.

Where do you get your free smells?

Mr. Motorcycle

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