Monday, April 14, 2008

blog directories

Blog directories,

How important are they and do they really direct more traffic to your site?

This is a " blog age" old question. I've listed with several different motorcycle blog directories, and ones not related as well. I'm not sure how much more they really help.

My motorcycle blog is listed with Technorati, which I think is probably one of the biggest ones out there. I am pretty low on their list, as my blog listing with them is brand new as of (4-13-08) last night.

I think I've got some really good content and usefull information for readers interested in motorcycles, custom motorcycle,s and custom paint. I have plenty of contacts out there with a vast array of motorcycle knowledge from the mechanical side, to the builder side to the custom paint side of the industry.

So for those of you who have found me, and those willing to continue to read, I pose the question to you, my captive audience at the moment. Do blog directories to those of you who have been at this some time longer than I help? I humbly ask your opinions, and your advise. I welcome any comments on this subject, including RSS feeds, etc.


Mr. Motorcycle

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