Monday, August 30, 2010

Making a Direct Choice For Caravan Insurance

There was a time when caravan insurance was not exactly easy to come by and choice was rather limited. Today though, technology has changed all that and it is now easier to make a direct choice for caravan insurance.

Types of caravan

Your caravan typically falls into one of a few basic categories:

* tourers;
* trailer tents;
* motorhomes;
* statics.

Some insurance providers will consider a static caravan to be one that you occupy for a few weeks or months per year essentially as a holiday home. If you live in it permanently, it may become classified as what's called a park home and be subject to special insurance provisions.

If you are in any doubt about the position with regard to your specific caravan and circumstances, a professional insurance provider will be happy to clarify things for you.


Making a direct choice for caravan insurance is now far easier than in the past because you typically can access so much more information through technology.

Therefore, once you have your own personal requirements clear based on the nature of your particular caravan and the way you plan to use it, it should be far easier to find an appropriate solution than it was in the past.

Keeping costs down

When looking, remember to keep in mind that some policies may reward good practices through lower premiums and discounts.

Examples might include:

· the use of additional security devices (some may be mandatory);
· membership of approved caravanning associations;
· using approved sites;
· parking vehicles off-road when not in use;
· not covering younger drivers.

Improving your position

Considering your overall position and looking around may help you to identify additional options for caravan cover.

That may mean that making a direct choice for caravan insurance is now not only possible but in fact, relatively easy.

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