Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dying man- His last wish is to ride his Electric trail bike motorcycles

Environment Friendly Online store received an order for a ZEV5100 Trail and long range Utility electricbike. It is the world's first street legal electric trail and dirt road motor scooter! It can take to the pavement and serve as a commuter bike. The lead time on production is normally 90 days.

Shortly after the order was placed the man wrote an email politely asking if they could speed up the production since he was diagnosed with a fatal liver disease and he may not even have 90 days to live! His only wish is to be able to ride and enjoy the E-trail/utility bike as much as he can before he dies!

Here is the text from the email...the part with him dying was added only as a P.S!

"As to what color I would like. The Camo is what I choose. Ps I would would like it if your team could put together one for myself sooner than 90 days as I have been diagnosed with I rare type of Liver cancer called hamagioendothemaloma. Say that three times fast Ha! So I may have (months) to enjoy it. Thank you for what ever you can do for me. Best regards, P" (real name kept private to respect his privacy).

It turns out that this hamagioendothemaloma cancer, is the eighth most common cause of cancer deaths in men.

Two seconds after the staff got the email, the factory wrote back and said they would pull parts of their own personal E-bikes and have the other parts flown in by airfreight ASAP so the man can get it as soon as possible.

Everyone is working fast and furious to make this last wish come true for him. Will keep you posted as this develops.

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