Monday, August 30, 2010

Custom Motorcycle Insurance

Custom motorcycles are popular among riders looking for a special experience while out on the road. In addition to the performance modifications that custom bike riders put into their machines, several custom parts change the look or sound of the vehicle while on the road. For some riders, this kind of vehicle is an extension of their own personal attitudes and interests, being more of an artistic expression than a mode of transportation. However, as with any motor vehicle, obtaining the right insurance policy is extremely important to keep the worth of the bike intact and keep the driver in compliance with state insurance minimums.

When it comes to custom bikes, the rules for insurance are slightly different than even from modified cars or trucks. While there are certain mods and kits for cars that are simply illegal and can void a policy if installed, most modifications are acceptable in a given policy. The requirement is that the owner of the vehicle needs to report the expenses involved and any major performance changes. Generally, insurers will simply boost a premium to match the worth of the vehicle, but there may be some instances when a new policy is necessary.

On the other hand, custom motorcycles are more common than fully customized cars. As popular expressions of chopper culture have reached a wider audience, more custom bikes have hit the roads. As a result, custom motorcycle policies do exist for these bikes. Although, like regular insurance policies, bike owners are expected to report on the details of their machines, the specifications of how premiums are determined are usually more loosely applied with these policies.

As insurance is necessary on the road for any rider or driver, learning how to keep a bike protected from collisions or destructive acts is an important part of maintaining a motorcycle. To find out more about your options, contact a motorcycle insurance company.

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