Monday, September 22, 2008

Suzuki Skywave 2008

The rim Behind stayed original

Suzuki Skywave 2008

view Suzuki Skywave 2008 this not there is one that is special. But tried to pay close attention to the wheel behind him, slipped disc brakes on the left of the wheel. Trus, what was the intensity? “Kalau with the disc behind in the rim made by (usually from the rim of the car, red) that has been normal. But put on the disc in the rim of the standard especially in Skywave, not yet many kan,” I Oding, konseptor. The technique pemasangam the disc behind might be considered to be quite efficient for the owner skutik ‘cowok’ from Suzuki Skywave modification that continued to want to maintain the rim of the standard. Because only with increased braket-braket in addition in teromol his motor.

Data Spesifikasi
Setang set : Viron Thailand
Takometer: Type R
Fuel Gauge : Moto R
The front shock absorber : DSK (4 buah)
The shock absorber behind : Yoko (2 buah)
The front disc : Ride It
The disc behind : Standar (depan)
The front tyre : Swallow 90/90-16
The tyre behind : Swallow 90/80-16
Modifikator : Roma Jansen Modification/0858-50929270

Moreover, Oding make use of piringan the brake had the front wheel. Alhasil more frugal, that's it! Now for the front disc was replaced the product of Ride-It berdiameter 320 mm plus Nissin calipers. Return to the wheel behind. For the fitting cakramn, was made braket just with the iron with a thickness of 10 mm. Then was welded in teromol the wheel behind. “Cakram behind him functioned correctly.

To support the appearance, was changed also by his suspension system. For the face part, was drafted the model double socks in each side. The method for him, the four socks were tied to two new mounts from the iron plate. His upper part was used the iron with a thickness of 12 mm, whereas the underside with a thickness of 7 mm. Again and again, the friendly man stressed if results modif his suspension not the display completely. His intention to his four socks functioned stifled bantingan the motor

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