Wednesday, September 3, 2008

2008 Minnesota Renaissance Festival

This year Just before going to the Minnesota State Fair, I took my wife and kids to the 2008 Renaissance Festival.

I went once as a child, and went again once as a teenager, and waited untill this year to go again.

My wife and kids had never been. My wife and 13 year old daughter had fun. (Lots of shopping). Even my 16 yr old Son had a good time.
There was lots to do and see.
See for yourself.

You know how at a Star Trek Convention, the Trekies dress up like Characters form the show?
Well, It's can be like that here too. This Gal did not work here, but got in on the spirit of renaissace. Many more folks dressed the part as well.

Comedian jugglers and knife throwers

A comedian and magician all rolled up into one.
"A pirate goes into a bar and the bartender says to the pirate... Excuse me mate, but did you know you have a steerin wheel in yer trousers? Yes, I did, and it's been drivin me nuts all day!"

Great shops

A bit of archery for the young lad Mr. Motorcycle Jr.

Awesome weapons, all hand crafted. These are REAL!

Not only are all of these weapons real, hand crafted, originals, and duplicates of originals,
they will sell them to the general public, and will let any old Mr. Motorcycle Joe handle them.

Great costumes. These remind me of Mardi Gras!

Jousting took place.

Look at the dents in this guys armor. These guys really whack the sh*t out of each other!

Cool artwork, fitting for the Renaissance, and for motorcycle blog, and motorcycle lovers.

The artist who had done the painting started freaking out on me while I was trying to take this picture. Artist: "Excuse me, what the Hell do you think you're doing taking a picture of my artwork?" Me: kinda dumbfounded say... "Um, I'm not going to try to duplicate it or sell it or anything. I just thought it was really cool., I have a motorcycle blog, and thought I'd share it." Artist: "Cool. go right ahead. " Whew! Me: "Thanks!"

See what I go through for you folks!

A guy with a twisted sense of humor like me.
Water bottle shoved up a stuffed animals Ass.

My son and daughter (Micky Mouse looking characters) having a sword fight duel.
First one to pop the others two ballons wins.

It was a close battle but the victor was the boy.
My daughter did an excellent job bleeding and twitching for the crowd though!

Finally, on the way out, I spotted this t-shirt. Way funny!

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