Sunday, June 20, 2010

Answering a Reader Question #81

Mahri Wrote:

Hi Dania! My name is Mahri and I am 14. I was just signed with Ford models and I am 5' 7. Does this mean that I am strictly going to be doing print/ commercial work? I really wanted to go to a higher level, such as high fashion, I know that is a long way off though :) and advice would be appreciated! 

Hi, Mahri! First off, congrats on getting signed, that's so awesome! Given your height you are ideal for commercial/print, which is where your agent will more than likely market you. However, if your look is one that their high fashion clients also like, then they will submit you for that type of work as well. Since you are still young, you still have time to grow and should you get lucky enough to reach 5'8" or taller then they will definitely cross you over into high fashion. If you want to know for sure how you will marketed, simply ask them. Make sure to mention your interest in high fashion and see what their feedback is. Your agent is your "go-to" person for these kinds of questions so definitely keep those lines of communication open and ask them anything you have on your mind about your career. They'll take care of you. =)

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