Sunday, March 28, 2010

Classic hillclimb

Mad Cow Classic hillclimb p/b Mesa State cycling team

no reason not to palp a fixie in the hillclimb.
Tyler M. bibs up represents for the hipsters here in Fruita, USA. when he's not crushing the vert, Tyler teaches middle school about 30 km from where he lives with his wife (and recent addition to family, Lucille) in Fruita. he usually commutes on the same bike. i'm pretty sure that he was rocking "Tommy" on the mod headphones as part of his warm-up routine.

in Le Tour de France, if a rider is fortunate enough to pass through their home town during one of the stages of the race, the pelican sometimes allows them the honor of riding ahead of the race in order to greet their families and friends who have gathered at the roadside and waited throughout the day for the arrival of their hero.
things being a bit more chill here in Fruita, Tyler didn't have to ride off the front of the bunch in order to get some last minute quality time with his new baby & baby's mama, Bobbie.

some words of encouragement for fellow participants before the race. Netana rides for Mesa State cycling and is one of their top riders.

i raced, too

after his race, this rider claimed to have "good sensations" while climbing. most normal people would call them "hallucinations".

at the start of the race we had Netana's mom, dad, brother & Chechu distributing lights to riders who didn't have their own. they have supported Netana throughout her cycling career, in addition to getting up early on their weekends off work to volunteer at Mesa State cycling team sponsored (in addition to other local) events for many years.
this is a great opportunity to again say thanks to all of the volunteers who made the event happen, as well as the Mesa State cycling team. we'll see you again next year.

Netana's mom collects the lights as tales of the battle were regaled afterwards.

Chad: "dude... you so cut me off on that turn up there..."

Dave: "ummm, uh, well..."

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