Wednesday, March 3, 2010

BlackBob part 2

I rode BlackBob like that all summer 2004, straight thru hi level legburner pipes, enclosed chain primary, standard T140 brakes front and rear and the forks that came with the rolling chassis which were T140 with cut down springs to lower the front end.
Over the winter months I pulled it all apart again, forks got rebuilt with new stanchions seals and

Progressive springs which lifted the front end by about 2", calipers got swapped for nice new lightweight Grimeca alloy ones with race spec pads. A change of sprockets to give better gearing to suit the type of riding up here in the middle of nowhere. Then some trick bits - SRM alloy clutch plate, race clutch, PSP hydraulic clutch kit and Magura master cylinders for both clutch and brakes, braided stainless hoses for both. While the primary was open I fitted a Hayward belt drive.

Back on the road for spring 2005 and what a difference, great handling, gearing lets the bike pull cleanly to well over the ton, clutch is light and positive, brakes are just excellent!

Round about this time I picked up a used Jo Hunt Magneto, so the boyer got stripped off along with the alternator and now BlackBob was completely Lucas free 8-)

The difference in the motor having the alternator removed was really impressive just picks up and revs so much better.

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