Monday, November 15, 2010

Cool Saddle for the iron horse

The old West renewed.
Posing, posturing and cat walking through the warm evening air, the endless flow of elegant people glide through pools of brightly colored neon light. Moved by the sultry beat of Reggae, Latin and Caribbean music spilling from the nightclubs they pass, we rumble by as participants in this non-stop show. Impossibly tight clothing clings to chiseled bodies, as each exaggerated step is consciously made and faces turn to check out our rides. A myriad of colors from the decorative lights explode on the smooth chrome surfaces, and the throb of the massive, 111 cubic-inch V-Twins mix with the deep bass rhythm floating out to meet us. In a town that exists for people to see or be seen, we are turning heads as we enjoy the whole exotic, sensuous field of human experience being played out in the steamy Florida night. 

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