Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm back in the saddle again.

Kenny sitting on the ground ready to roll (Like it should be).

By 10:30 last night Kenny was released from his time out on the trailer and was breathing thunder again.

After disassembly, checking everything I could possibly check, it turned out that all that was wrong was the connections were getting loose and corroded. Not like battery acid green corroded, but like black shit between the connectors at the battery post corroded. Really only the positive side, but I sanded both clean, and got good tight contact. This is all it took.

Thanks for well wishes, and advise. I know I can count on many of you who gave me advise if I ever need it in the future. Maybe I'll save myself some more money by doing some other maintenance myself from here on out.

I've always done my own body work and paint, and do just about any home building project, but have never ventured deeply into mechanics. I've learned something here. I can do some things like this myself, I can save some serious ching doing so, and I've got friends out there willing to lend good advise.


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