Thursday, March 5, 2009

DeluxeCAM compared to other motorcycle camera mounts

You've paid good money looking for the best camera or video camera -- rugged, weather-proof, hands-free and dependable.

Now to secure the camera to your motorcycle ... Is it easy on and off? How quickly can you remove it to walk around or shoot the bonfire or the family reunion?

Does your mounting system give you a variety of shooting positions? Shooting from a range of different angles makes your video more interesting.

You have many choices about how to position your camera on your bike. We've seen some DIY solutions that are really impressive, but do they work for YOUR bike (and do you have the time to DIY)?

We've seen camera brackets that put your camera way up high above your bars. Not only is that mount more wobbily, it makes your camera more vulnerable to wind and debris from the road.

We've done a lot of test rides. We've tried ram mounts, helmet mounts and tank mounts. You'd be surprised how hard it is to keep the vibration down on your movies with most systems. But not with the DeluxeCAM motorcycle camera mount!

We really do think the DeluxeCAM is the best for your video at Sturgis, Americade, Tail of the Dragon -- wherever you go this season! And not just because we sell them, but because we've tried many different brackets and mounting systems and this is the BEST one: high-quality, good looking, sturdy, adjustable and easily mounted and removed.

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