Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Pantera motorcycle

I stumbled across these guys. Their bikes sure caught my eyes. It appears as though they have taken the idea of a long and low chopper, & crossed it with a croth rocket to make a highbrid street - drag bike. I love innovation. Looks pretty cool.

Check out their website @

I know their site lists 2006 models. Not sure if they are not in production still, but their web site does say "© Pantera Custom Motorcycle Design 2008".

2006 Pantera Dragster Base Model $44,500.00
2006 Pantera Dragster SP-1 (Package includes 280MEZ rear and 3D Contour Wheels) SP-1 $48,750.00

Prices are in the range of the Big bucks bikes that Beach Cruiser was talking about. See also Beach Cruisers blog post on big buck Bikes.

Mr. Motorcycle

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