Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yamaha FZ - 150 (Prototype)

This time Yamaha did show some of the Best Machines that we can see in the Auto Expo 2008.The latest was a concept bike names Yamaha FZ-150 ". This one is a "Prototype" which Yamaha India has conjured up by taking the DNA of the 1000 C.C FZ1.

The FZ-150 "Prototype" shown in the Auto Expo 2008 has a 150 cc engine, carburettor (instead of fuel injection), fat rear tyres (about as big as Pulsar 200/220 rear tyres), air cooled engine (not liquid cooled like the YZF-R15), 5 speed gearbox (insted of a 6 speed one on the YZF-R15) and also the FZ-150 doesn't have the "delta" frame of the YZF-R15. The FZ-150 would look stunning even without that leggie "firangi" model on it. I don't see a reason as to why Yamaha India shouldn't launch it. The FZ-150 easily will easily overshadow the Pulsar, Apache RTR, CBZ Xtreme or the Hunk in the looks department. And if performance if the name of the game, then the YZF-R15 should take care of it.

On inquiring about when can we expect the FZ 150 to appear in the market, the Yamaha Officials at the Auto Expo said that they had no clue. I just hope that the FZ-150 isn't just a "Prototype" but a mass production model to compete with the Pulsar 150, Apache RTR 150, CBZ X's and the Hunks.. and leave the YZF-R15 to take the niche position as the 150 cc performance king

Source : www.2wheelsindia.com

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