Friday, July 14, 2006

The Hells Angels never wave back

The one great thing about riding a motorcycle is the camaraderie of fellow bikers you meet on the road.

Because we are kindred spirits out on the road, bared to the world not surrounded by a cage, bikers have developed a nifty little habit of waving to each other. Like an acknowledgement of the fun and adventure we are sharing.

Sometimes it can be a little tiring and boring when the road is loaded with bikers but in most cases it is a salute to one another and usually merited.

Recently on a trip through the Rockies we came upon a pack of riders and despite my friendly wave and salute, not one in the pack of Harleys waved back.

After my friend and riding partner stopped for lunch, I mentioned that not one of that pack of bikes had waved back and I mentioned that after not receiving a wave back, I gave them the finger.

That was because that was the Hells Angel he stated, looking at me like I was some kind of organ donor.

At which point, I admitted that they were a mile past when I gave them the one finger salute.

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