Friday, March 21, 2008

What kind of effect will skyrocketing prices of fuel costs have on the motorcycle industry this year?

I wonder it will have a positive, or negative effect.

Will the prices cause more sales, and more riders, looking for better fuel economy than what a cage on wheels provides?
Or will it cause a plummet in motorcycle sales, parts, and services as the price of fuel is driving the cost of everything else up. Since everything costs more, will the motorcycle industry be forced to charge more as a direct result of the cost of doing business? Will this in turn have a domino effect on potential bike buyers who now have less as a direct result of everything else costing more? Will it make it a double- edged sword for those looking to purchase a motorcycle?
How will the rising cost of business in general affect motorcycle sales, parts sales, motorcycle clothing sales, merchandise sales, repair shops, custom paint, etc.?

I feel fortunate because I can still afford to continue to ride, and those who are hardcore would find a way to continue to ride no matter what. It is our passion in life. It is after all, a way of life. For many, and I’m guessing most, we feel life without a ride, is not life at all. Is this not why the saying goes ride to live, live to ride?

Mr. Motorcycle

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